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I would like to have a go at ceramics and wanted to include some mirrored tiles in the design. I have tried local swimming pool shops and a couple of tile suppliers but not been very successful yet. Has anyone seen any on their travels?

started by: rose-580994 · last update: 1183022381 · posted: 1182950908

Hi Can anyone tell me where I can buy ceramic tiles near playa flamenca other than porcelanosa in torrevieja. We have large marble effect greyish tiles in the bathroom, probably budget range ,think they are floor tiles used on the walls 450x320. thanks Rose rose

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I keep seeing these blanket trips advertised, is there any selling pressure is it worth going on one. any experiences appreciated.

started by: cathie-581872 · last update: 1182590647 · posted: 1182448540

Is it true that the maintenance of a salt pool is much easier than a chemical pool? Just curious, anything for an easier life.

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OK, close to the house I have some ugly pipes I want to hide. Im looking for a bush that will expand width ways but not grow too high, and wont have huge roots as its so close to the house. Also I dont want it to attract flies, so nothing fruity.Freda

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Has anyone come across mossie curtains for gazebos?? The one we have didn´t come with anything and I just wondered if anyone knew if you can by them separate.Murf

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Yesterday I was the victim of a nasty fall on our new marble steps. Apart from a bruised ego and back, I´m OK this time. I am reluctant to put those strips across the beautiful marble, does anyone know of a company that would coat the tiles to stop them from being so slippery? I need to sort this as soon as possible before I do some real damage. Murf

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Help! I have commissioned some ceramics work from a Company in Las Palas, I have had my phone stolen so they cannot ring me to tell me to collect the pieces, I dont know where they are, can anyone help, they will think I´ve done a runner.Freda

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I am looking for a timber merchant to buy some wood to make Gazebo i have heard of The Wood Warehouse near Torrevieja, but dont know where. Any ideas please?

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I want to have a go at cooking this dish. Can anyone give me some tips on buying the fish and the process used to cook in this way. thanks in advance

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Can anyone help! we need to know the yearly running costs for a medium size pool ie 8 x 4, 9 x 5, trying to decide whether to buy a Villa with a pool or a Communal pool.

started by: FredaH-581709 · last update: 1180520871 · posted: 1180480173

As anyone heard about this? Seems a little strange to me, but I´ve heard people do put saffron in their wine to bring out the flavour.Freda

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I have been reading about these surface cleaners, just wanted to know if anyone has actually used one. May save the back if I dont have to lean over with the net on a daily basis. Themob

started by: FredaH-581709 · last update: 1179918831 · posted: 1179749960

We have an established orange tree, healthy looking with initially plenty of buds for fruit but over the last few weeks every single tiny fruit has fell off. Would anyone know why? Thank youFreda

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I read a posting about saving power on the forum and it has inspired me to write this. We should all be very aware that we live in a country that is short of water. Please Please Please do not waste this precious resource, cars do not have to sparkling clean, mop the patio don't hose and if you have properties you rent out to holiday makers do remind them not to waste water. You know it makes sense.

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Just getting the pool sorted, bit late this year. I wondered if anyone could tell me what the spiders where that we kept finding at the bottom of our pool last year, they where not dead when we scoped them out. They where quite large as spiders go. We live on the edge of the campo so presume that's where they came from. Wondered if they were dangerous.

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Any like minded people out there? I would love to see a free cycle up and running in this area how, with who, any ideas AI's I am sure some people will go for it. I notice that a lot of people put useful things next to the rubbish bins in our area and they soon get recycle so it looks like the will is there we just need the organisation freecycle lets people rehome there unwanted goods via an internet site.

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I am having a great deal of trouble explaining to the Spanish builders that I want a wall of water as a feature in my new garden. Does anyone know a good garden centre that would have the type of contemporary look I want. I am willing to travel if needs be to get what I´m after. Any suggestions would be appreciated.Murf

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well the weather has warmed up with a vengeance, I really feel it would be wrong to start using the air con now. We try to keep use to a minimum because of the environment impact. Any tips on keeping your house cool without the dreaded air con please red (hot) harry

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Taking at look at inside our kettle I think we should be having a water filter fitted in the kitchen . Is it worth the expensive or would a filter jug in the fridge work just as well?Themob

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