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Hi, I am moving to Punta Prima and intend to spend 10 days there in mid May to shop for apartment furniture. Will have a car so can travel. Any ideas or advise pleaseBertie

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I really recommend a great Garden centre on the way into Los Montesinos from the Torrevieja to rojales road. The plants are hardy and such good prices, wonderful yucca's for 2 euros 50 cents. Herbs from a euro just loads of good stuff, its on the left as you drive towards the village. Good service great place they have lots of garden accessories too.

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I am looking to equip a bare apartment that I just took over the lease of in Alicante. I am not staying here for very long so I don't want to spend a fortune. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on some second hand furniture?jackinspain

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HI we are moving out in may and bring all our furniture etc, our tv we know won't work due to frequency difference however I have been told that you can get them adjusted Has anybody done this? and how do we do it?etc Thanks

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I am looking to buy a couple of bean bags for my living room. Has anyone seen any around or are they pretty much out-dated now?rob

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Hi there- does anyone know if you can get grants for installing solar panels. If you can, who do you contact, what is the process and how easy is it. Thanks Tim

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I am sure this has been asked many times but 2 of us are moving to SE Spain soon and wondered whether it is best to just get rid of all our furniture and buy new once over there or to store and remove across. We are in a 4 bed house at the moment but are scaling back Is furniture generally cheaper over there. We have a leather suite so would that be worth taking or due to the hot weather be unwise? Any info would be useful.Tim

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The house next door to me sold last July and the new neighbours have not yet moved in but have been doing alterations evenings and weekends (the house is only 3 years old and I cannot imagine what they are doing that takes so long). The noise is sometimes deafening with loud banging as as they knock down walls and much drilling which makes my walls shake. As I live on a community I don't want to fall out with these people, but does anyone know the law about building works and noise - such as what time they can start and finish and what about Sundays and holidays?Mari

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I recently bought a le Cruset cast iron dish when in England and want to buy more in the set - the same dish cost nearly double at Corte Ingles - does anyone know where I can buy these dishes at a more reasonable price?Ava

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Works brilliantly but going to north france so probably wont need it!! 100 euros Torrevieja area

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I need to furnish my villa in Moraira or let it Unfurnished. Can anyone let me know where I can get reasonable bedroom furniture and a three piece suite together with a dining room table. Good second hand furniture accepted Russell

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I have tried to buy some yeast for my bread machine but the translation is levadura and some of this is just simply baking powder. Does anyone know where I can buy quick acting bread yeast suitable for a bread making machine and what is the correct name in Spanish?Dee

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I need advice as to the supply and fit of new air-conditioning and a porch enclosurer glazed and door fitted. Can anyone give me a reference to a good firm or person to do this? MauriceMaurice

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we ars looking for shops like B Q  ,  M F I  and   Homebase around the Playa Flamenca can any body help thanksrose

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I could do with buying an air conditioning unit. Where can I find an English speaking company that sells them?magda

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I have tried in vain to find an office supplier, I have only just moved to the costa blanca and am so used to using the likes of Staples, Office world, Viking direct for all my office supplies, but it appears there a no such companies here to compare with, I have only found very small retailers that seem to sell a small range complete with bags  or books. I need help anyone out there know of a larger supplier or even an online supplier. Love to hear back on this subject.  From Tracy

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