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Hi, I am moving down to a recently purchased villa in Benidoleig in May (initally as a single male with my lady joining me in 2015). Does anyone have an idea how much I would expect to pay, per hour, to get a local lady to come in, say, once a week to clean? By this I mean floors, windows etc. I can use the dishwasher and clothes washer without problem :) Thanks! Peter

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Please can anyone let us know if the cost of white goods in Spain are more expensive than the u.k. Is it worth transporting from the u.k or is it more cost efficient to buy new in Spain.    

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hi whats the latest on freeview tv reception for bbc and itv and the other stations

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Hello, do you need to be a resident in order to be able to buy a property or rent one?  If so, is it better to be a resident and then purchase property or rent a flat?

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Will electrical appliances work in Spain from Eastern Europe. Please?

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Hi there  does anybody know how much the quad townhouse's  are selling for  on or around URB Jardin del mar  Vl 30    03184 torrevieja , alicante. thank you  

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Hi, Can anyone recommend good/well priced Kitchen/Bedroom fitters in the Quesada area (doesn't have to be the same company but might be easier/cheaper? I need a new (small) kitchen and wardrobe mirror doors andshelving for the wardrobe as wel! All units, etc. are to be supplied and fitted. Can you help - or do you 'know a man' who can?? Cheers.   P.S rewritten because of 'missing' items!  

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Hi, Can anyone recommend good/well priced Kitchen/Bedroom fitters (doesn't have to be the same company but might be easier/cheaper? I need a new (small) kitchen and wardrobe mirror doors and shelving for the wardrobe as wel! Can you help - or do you 'know a man' who can?? Cheers.  

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We have just had our latest electricity bill,and are still reeling from the shock.We have daitsu air conditioning units in 4 rooms, but have not used these for heating as we believed it would be very expensive.We have a halogen heater and two oil filled radiators which we run for a few hours a day.Would it be cheaper to use the air conditioning units for heating?Any advice please.

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hi wondered what the latest was with regard to new sat and loss of freeview tv

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Hi, We are new to Costa Blanca and this site. Can anyone help me as I would like to grow my own fruiting Lime Tree, and I am having problems on where to go to find on around the  Orihuela Costa. Could any lovely person help me please?

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Does anyone know of someone who caries out repairs to TVs? We have an LG 42" plasma which is difficult to turn on - but once it is on it works fine. I understand it needs a couple of capacitors changing and it's quite a simple job - but it obviously needs someone who knows what they are doing. Any info gratefully received. We are at San Jaime, Moraira. 965649077 or 634326947 

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We are house sitting for a friend in Relleu Alicante and the fagor gas boiler is showing a spanner and producing no hot water so cannot have a shower.  Does anyone know of an engineer that could possibly come and fix it - could be a calcaire problem but not our boiler - help!

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Hi My name is Andy I have a chimney sweep business in the uk, with a view to spend more time in Spain I will be available to sweep chimneys, from December to April in Costa Blanca south see my website for details www.araduk.wix.com/chimney-sweep I would appreciated your feedback weather you would use this service? Thankyou

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anyone know if i can get this in Spain. Have looked in leroy Merlin and other likely places. Only need one more tube to finish a project thanks

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Hi all im looking to buy a free standing hammock, we live in Catral anyone have an idea where to get one and maybe price, many thanksa   keith

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We ordered a Resin Shed from Leroy Merlin and they have just emailed to say it has been discontinued. Aki also do not have the shed.We are near Denia/Javea, does anyone know where else we can get a resin shed?Many thanks.

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Hi, Looking to buy foam in Jalon, Calpe, Ondara, Orba areas can anyone help please? Cheers eaglet

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Hii, Can anyone give advice on electric wall mounted marble heaters, this type is like a thin slab of marble, lies flat on wall, the electric current looks very low watage going in, but we need to know how much heat they give off, also would the electricity bills be very high? each room has it's own themostat to control them, also in the villa is a small fireplace, as you know it gets cold in winter, do you think they would be efficient to heat a 4 bedroomed villa, there are about 11 of these slab heaters throught out the house, I would welcome a quick reply before we take this villa on.  Thanks Trisha.    

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Hello, I'm looking for companies in the Torrevieja, Alicant are who make wooden gazebos', if you know of any please forward details.  thank  you

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