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Hi  I want to make some raised beds for herbs and vegetables.  Does any one know where a can get soil by the ton delivered rather than buying 1000's of bags. Cheers

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does anyone know if there is a virus or disease that is effecting  aloe Vera plants as most of mine and neighboring gardens appear to be going a blackie brown colour

started by: Willemite · last update: 1375278651 · posted: 1375225744

Hello  We had a septic tank installed by Jim Lindsey and we are trying to find him as our septic tank 'light' is flashing.  If anyone canhelp please can you get in touch or maybe you know of someone in the Catral area who knows about septic tanks.  Your help would be appreciated.  Thank you

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Hi We're new to Anglo Info Costa Blanca, having just purchased an apartment in Alicante City. We live in Australia and will be letting the apartment for holidays and or longer term and we are trying to find a person / company located in Alicante City to act as Property Manager / Caretaker. It seems that all we can find are located either north or south of Alicante  . .  . . If anyone can help with a suggestion or a referral, we will be very grateful! Kindest regards Alison and Lewis    

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Anyone bought an air conditioner recently and have any suggestions on where to buy price, brand. Is for 40 m apartment. Thanks

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I am wondering if anyone has had experience of obtaining one of these locally as is the law from June 1st . The very same certificate that is mandatory for Sales and Rentals after that date in Spain  is being quoted as €275 locally but the very same requirement costs £35 to £60 in the UK. Obviously another "rip-off" in Spain. Would welcome info on any more acceptable quotes or whether others are accepting this a being OK. 

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I have bought a holiday home at Marjal Costa Blanca, and would like to know where I could find some planters and some topiary balls, I need about 7, can anybody tell where I can find these at a reasonable cost.  InEngland I can get them for about £100. I am also letting my home out through Paradise Holiday Parks with all the fantastic things to do for families. thanks Angela  

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Can anyone offer advice on the best place to buy good quality plastic sun loungers, with delivery in the Jalon Valley area please. The ones that seem popular and last well are the white ones and they tend to have like a blue center piece and dont require cushions. Any help would be appreciated. thanks

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hi everyone    im looking to buy a very cheap town house consider any area on costa blanca. im a builder so dont mind work on it. can anyone sugest any good places to look or agents ect that may have a cheap house.  many thanks    mike

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Hi Does anyone know of a company that lays resin flooring, it is for around a pool and a terrace, if you do please tel 962851003 Thanks Clinton

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I have a house in Novelda that has a tiny courtyard and I would like to fill it with artificial trees/plants.. no point me putting in the real things as I am very rarely at home.. Is there an online shop that I can order from so that I don't waste what time I have trailling around the shops?    thanks 

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I wonder please is someone can help.  We are shortly to rent on La Guardia in Javea.  Have set up bank accounts simply by getting our UK passports copied and a Director of our Bank here in France confirming that they were taken from the original. Here I understand without a NIE we cannot obtain a land line  or anything else.  Please I found the Telefonica web site hugely difficult. We have populated our bank accounts with euros and wanted to have broadband in place for our arrival in that our French mobiles are going to be out of contract.  Has anyone please any ideas as to overcome this problem.  Yes cannot compare and should not France with Spain but France telecom have dedicated English speaking helplines as does EDF the Water companies and the like. The thought of no telephone access in a case of emergency fills me with horror.  Even Swiss Cable are not replying to my emails saying 'very busy' not with me I am afraid.

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Can anyone tell me the cost of electric compared with bottled gas in Spain? I have looked on several sites but get conflicting results, We get our electric supply with Iberdrola.  

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I want to have some cane chairs spray painted white.  Does anyone know someone to do this or a place near Javea which I might take them..thanks Nada

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We've just bought a pre-programmed mica heater and are having trouble setting up the pre-set programs, eg we change the pre-set temperature for the 'comfort' temperature and press the button to save the new temperature ..... and then the display reverts to the original temperature.  Can anyone give us a clue how to work this please?  I think perhaps we don't have the necessary 10 ologies to work it! 

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Does anyone know of a local company (Orihuela Costa) or reasonably close by who brings larger electrical goods over from the UK? I want a silver free standing double oven and hob - not for a tall unit- and am finding it impossible to find in Spain.

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Does anyone know of a working reliable chimney sweep in the Costa Blanca south,I have serched the Directory and only found 1 which services Costa Blanca North.I have also checked places which sell fire blocks and nobody knows of a chimney sweep in my area.

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My TV Satelite recorder, model no B10FSRH25 which is just over a year old and brought from the Uk has developed a fault and now fails to record, but still allows me to watch TV. Is there a genius south of Alicante who can fix this without my requiring a second mortgage and without the aid of an internal wiring diagram

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Hello we have to get the area around our pool re- tiled.  But now we are thinking about a good quality astro turf.  Does anyone know the pros and cons of astro turf.  I think it's about 25euros m2 which is more expensive than the tiles but I think it may be cheaper to lay than tiles.  Cheers

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Does anyone know where I can purchase at a reasonable price good quality 'dressing table with stool' apart from Ikea.  Near Torrevieja-Alicante area.  Thank you

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