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Hello, I'm looking for a company who can supply/fit white upvc double glazed windows in the Catral area. Must be reliable and guaranteed company. Thank you

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HelloI'm trying to locate an email address or telephone number for garden centre in quasada, if you can help I would be grateful.Or if you know of a company who has approx. 100 Cypruss Trees, that would be even better.Thank you

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Hot Water Plumbing, can I do this myself or do I need to get a plumber.I am aware that in the UK, unvented hot water systems are controlled and DIY is not allowed.I am also aware that it can be dangerous, explode, if you get it wrong.What I want to know is am I allowed to install this in Spain?I have done a load of research in to the "how to" but I want to find out if I should do any more before I proceed either myself of get a plumber in.Thanks in advance.Pete

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I wonder if anyone can help......i need to repaint and or tile my pool and I hear that you can sell the water rather than waste it an then buy it back or effectively swap it for some more........sorry if this is not making sense but I know what I mean.......any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Hi,Can anyone recommend a trustworthy and reliable handyman to carry out a few small jobs such as changing a lock, painting ceilings, rubbing down and painting doorframes, hanging pictures? Area is South Torrevieja.

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Hi, someone told me about an upholsterer around Benissa or/and Calpe. He supposed to be very good with good prices.Hopefully some has a tip ??? ThanksI don't know how to change my new email new email carriopark@yahoo.com

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Hi, Can anyone please help? I am looking for a water supplier, who delivers water by tanker on the costa blanca north area. Anyone know of a company please? Thank you Steve

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Hello We are coming to the Costa Blanca for 6 weeks in January and want to be able to use our laptop. When we go to the UK (we live in France) we have a pay as you go dongle from 3.We are hoping that such a thing exists for us to buy in Spain so that we can update our websites etc. Can anyone help? We obviously don't want a contract we won't be there very often, however we don't want to incur huge bills on our Orange contract either!!We would be grateful for any information

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Can anyone help by recommending a reliable plumber in the Benidorm to Altea area. I had an air conditioning unit installed but when it rains hard I am collecting buckets of water under the aircon unit - it is just streaming down the wall onto my electrical plugs underneath. I have tried contacting the person who installed this who was highly recommended but he is ignoring my calls.I also need other plumbing jobs doing. This is urgent. Thanks

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Anyone know of Spanish law regarding a neighbours trees and any possible "right to a view" from your property ?

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My son has just arrived at our apartment near Moraira and found that the batteries in the two aircon remotes have leaked and neither of them work any more. He bought a generic controller, but the autosetup on this doesnt seem to work and he says he needs the manufacturer specific codes to program the controller. Its difficult for me back in the Uk to advise him, does anyone know of somwhere in this area that sells or repairs Daitsu aircon? Or, as a long shot maybe even someone has an old controller lying around? thanks, Martin

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Hi, We live nr Calpe, have a garden & fruit orchard.Problem is my flower border & plant rockery don't last,I have now replaced 3 times.I bought the flowers & plants from our garden centre,also bags of soil,and water them daily ,they go for about 6 weeks/12 weeks and die.Anyone out there tell me why ? Pickles.

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Does anyone know where I can get a new zip put into a winter coat please - Ontinyent area.?

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Can anyone tell me please where I can buy (preferably secondhand) a pair of wooden shutters for a window approx 1m x 1.2m. Anywhere from the Ontinyent area down to Calpe. Thanks.

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Can anyone advise me on the different electricity tarifs on the costa blanca. We are told that electricity is cheap, but seem to be paying an excessive amount for a small 2 bedroom house and only 3kw...

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You may have recently received a letter from your electricity supplier regarding the new legal requirements of all householders in Spain. It is now necessary to have fitted in all properties a potencia control. (New properties may already comply). This involves fitting a small box next to your electricity fuses which will be locked so that your electricity coming into the property is limited to the amount you are contracted for. If you do not comply with the new regulations they will automatically charge you the tariff for a much higher supply. The cost of fitting is between 40 and 50 euros and a further 9 euros added to your bill to seal the potencia control.

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For all those interested in gardening in Spain, there is now a Your Garden in Spain Blog here

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Does anyone know if the "contracted power" on electricity bills is deducted from "actual usage" or is this another charge? Thanks

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Hi, Can anyone please recommend an engineer who mends Vacuum Cleaners, I don't know for sure but I think the 'belt' may have slipped? I live in Quesada. Thank you eaglet

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My lawn at the front has brown bits & bald bits and weeds.We are having a wedding in June and want want a green lawn at the front.Does anyone know how to sort this out.Do not want artificial grass. Help. H. Nr Calpe.

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