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We want to mount a flat-screen plasma TV on the wall and conceal all the wiring within the wall. Can anyone recommend a good electrician to do this please and who can carry out the work in one day? We live in Javea.Thanks.

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I seem to have a problem with the inside of my kettle furring up and it makes my tea/coffee taste horrible. I keep cleaning it out but it just happens again. Does anyone know of anything I can buy to prevent this happening?

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I am looking for someone to repair my hot tub had guy out from JuJuJu but he hasn't managed to solve it. Anyone know anyone else within reasonable distance of Pedreguer?The spa wasn't heating at first but now the panel is not working at all. Grateful for any recommendations

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Hi AllDoes anyone know anything about these new meters, I have tried Iberdrola but they just say that I need to call back......

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Can anyone refer me to someone reliable who can install a new Electric water boiler, and is qualified to do this job. Many Thanks. AW

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I'm looking to have my septic tank cleaned out. Anyone recommend a company? (Yes, I've checked the classifieds here!) How much should I be looking to pay? Moraira area.

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Hi can anyone tell me what this insect is? Found in Garden in Spain. Thanks Have tried to attach picture but I have a feeling it cant be opened, I am trying to send it from iphoto but have never done it before!!

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I wonder if anybody can advise me on getting a temporary broadband connection for a couple of months while on holiday renting in the Jalon Valley. I just need to get my e-mail everyday. I am told its possible to get a "dongle" on a monthly basis - but is this available to non-residents. Also we have no Spanish Bank account. Any advise appreciated.

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Can anyone point me in the direction of any charity shops selling second hand furniture? I need to kit out a 1 bed appartment. Orihuela area or close by

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Hi all, Has anybody put a gre above ground pool together? Looking at buying a rectangle pool as my planning was dismissed.. Many thanks Tony

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Hello I am looking for a supplier of rack bolts in the Costa Blanca/Ontinyent area- anyone managed to locate these please? Thanks rdl

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I have a 3 year old Thermor electric water heater 2200W 230V~ which for a week or so gave off a slight whistling noise, and the water was scalding hot. Two days ago, no whistling noise and the water was just tepid. Can someone tell me if it has just 'Cal'd up' and can they be descaled somehow, or is it destined for the skip and needs replacing. Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dene.

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A new INFOrmation Page on Gota Fría Storms has been added to all Spanish sites. Learn about what to expect from these storms and what to do if you get caught in one. Gota Fría Storms in Spain Find out what we've added to the local information available to you on AngloINFO with What's New on AngloINFO

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Is there anyone out there who runs wind turbines for their electricity in their home. I use gas to heat my water but find I waste a lot of water waiting for the heater to get the water hot and the immersion heater is too expensive I believe, so thats why I ask about wind turbines just for water heating....any ideas anyone and costs etc....plus it would be nice to be a bit greener!!

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Does anyone know of someone who can repair a washing machine in the Javea area? Thanks

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Hi         Can anyone shed any light on cheaper suppliers instead of Iberdrola

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does anyone know of a good chimney sweep in or near the denia/jalon/pedreguer area?

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Does anyone know anything about the Grundig Xentia Tv or similar ? Mine will not switch on properly. I can turn it on and the red light comes on and then changes to yellow (which is standby mode) but will not go on to green (which is on mode) I dont know what to do as this was an expensive tele (although 6 years old now ) and it is too good to just give up on, I am sure it is nothing too serious as it has been looked after just not used for a long time, has anyone had similar problems or any idea at all of what I could do. Many thanks Jainey

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Can you help please? ALDI recently were selling canvas wardrobes for about 15€ each and they were ideal for storing winter/summer clothes when not in use, unfortunately I only bought one to try it and my wife sent me back this week for more......all gone in the ALDI in Campoamor, just wondering if anyone will be visiting an ALDI in the next few day, and could look if they had any there so I can go and get a couple more......or if anyone has some they want to sell then that would get me out of trouble too!! Thanks

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Anyone know how much a load of cement in a mixer lorry costs? and what how many cubic metres

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