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Can anyone please advise. Just bought a telephone from GB because it came complete with an answerphone unit. These seem as though they are not readily available here due to most folk using the Telefonica answering system. I had a similar unit which worked well in France so I would have thought they would work here. I was even able to buy an adapter here to change the UK BT connector to a Spanish phone line socket (Not mains!) but still cannot obtain a dialling tone. Everything works on the phone unit - just cannot get the connection. Any advie/ideas please

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I know it's a bit early but does anyone know where I can get some firewood in or close to Los Montesinos?

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New Lawn Ground Preparation by Greengrass Ground preparation is the most important part of owning and maintaining a new real green grass lawn. Before you do anything, you must clear the soil of existing weeds. Weeds fall into a few categories. Firstly there are annuals, which grow seed and die. Then there are perennials like anise, dandelions etc which will keep appearing unless the root is killed. Then there are the seasonal weeds which lay dormant and grow when the rains arrive in spring or autumn or when the soil temperature is right. The first two types can be eradicated with an application of a total non-selective herbicide (weed killer) containing "glyphosate", which uses the green leaves to enter the system of the plant and kill it down to the roots. The other weeds (dormant weed seeds) can be controlled with a pre-emergent type of weed killer to kill the dormant seeds in the ground before they germinate. This should be applied in the Spring. When all the existing weeds have browned off (2-3 weeks) they can be dug into the soil. Remove any stones from the soil as you come across them. The first consideration once the growing weeds have been killed, is to establish your final lawn height, if the soil is already at this level then you should really think about removing the top few inches and replace with a good topsoil. If this is not adopted then infill what you have got with the topsoil to level the ground. It is not imperative that you improve the top few inches of soil with topsoil, compost or other material, but it sure helps. Make sure that the area to be planted is well drained. Drainage is important for good lawn health. If you need to improve the drainage, add extra sharp sand to the top soil dressing of your lawn. Gypsum is useful to break up clay - water it in. You can also add extra sand/substrate material when the lawn is established, but it's a lot easier to do this at this early stage. If adding topsoil or compost try to dig it in a little or maybe lightly rotovate. Rake, roll and level the ground, tamp down, and water well to encourage any weed seeds to germinate. If possible leave for a few weeks to see whether any more weeds appear and for the soil to settle. If only a few weeds appear, they can be removed by hand, but if there are a lot, then another treatment of weed killer will need to be applied. Also if necessary, again fill in any dips in the ground that may have appeared. At this stage you should be ready to start planting your grass plugs.

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Can i have some reccommendations for the best paid for anvirus software on the market, preferably with a trial, I have just trialled Norton and have spent around 8 hours (this week)with customer support, who still have not been able to make the software work properly and efficiently.

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Can anyone refer me to a good chimney sweep in Javea. Also I will need my fire-place sealed. Thanks.

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Does anyone know of any office supply stores or similar place where I can buy a filing cabinet?

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Can anyone tell me where to get firewood cheap in the Calpe or surrounding areas. Thanks Barb

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Does anyone know of a company that can transport 2 to 3 cases / boxes to our new home in Malaga province? Currently in Torrevieja.Any assistance would be much appreciated.

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Hi can anyone recommend a reliable company that can do some work on my garden I need a large tree removed as the roots have disturbed my swimming pool! I am near sucina thanks Sue

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I have a beautiful villa that was up for rent . The house was in pristine condition when it was let. The tenant has left the house at the end of the tenancy and has left the property in a state. He has also taken the liberty of stealing some of my stuff, left his rubbish everywhere even on the terraces.

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We have recently moved to the area and were looking for the best way to have English TV, telephone and Internet connection without a sat dish. We have seen adverts for Europa. Can anyone out there advice please. Thanks Barb

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I'd like to put down some synthetic grass for when the grand kids come over for them to play on. Can anyone tell me where you get it and is it easy to lay?

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Where can I buy mosquito netting for over beds? Sick of getting bitten in the middle of the night and can't afford window screens.

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My sister who lives in the UK has just had a new Sky box, and on chatting to the man found out that from January onwards we will not be able to receive Sky t.v in Spain.Does anyone in the profession know the answer, and if this is true.....what alternatives are there to continue viewing?I know we have had our problems in the past with some people being cut off completely....but apart from watching Spanish t.v (which is appalling, even if you speak Spanish fluently as I do) can we avoid the cut?Thank you, but I do not need a diatribe on "if you are in Spain you should watch Spanish t.v, etc"

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Hello, I'm about to start looking at prices for air conditioning but hoped that someone here could advise as to how much I should be looking to pay for 3 units? I don't want ripped off so would like some idea before hand. Thanks.

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I already looking towards winter with a sense of dread knowing how cold myself and the girlfriend are going to get. I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice about heating.We have a chimney and a square hole in our lounge in which we previously had an open fire about 3ft square. The open fire was messy and we lost a lot of the heat up the chimney. We decided to save up for an insert but every one we look at seems to be a bit on the largish side for our hole. Rather that a DIY job we thought we'd get a pro in to do it but are still saving hard and probably won't find the money to get it done by the time winter is here.My main query is this, if I stand a log burning stove in the fireplace will it actually throw out much heat, or will it just disappear up the chimney with the smoke like the open fire seemed to do? Has anyone tried this method before? The reason I'm unsure is because you usually see them freestanding in the corner of people's living rooms with their own flue going through the ceiling rather than stood in fireplaces.Thanks in anticipation.

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Can anyone help please? I have a sat dish 1.3 high and 1.2 wide, the question is this, will I get anymore channels on this dish than on the 80cm dish I have now? If not, can any experts tell me what I need to get some more UK channels....free-to-air or whatever its called? Thanks

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Looking for agent or distributor of the Flyslayer machine in the Denia/Aicante area. Can anybody help?

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HI we have internet+tv with telefonica, thinking of changing to a different provider with access to English tv, has anyone any advice/experience of other providers. thanks,

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Please Please can someone help. I have been ringing repsol on the customer service number for the last few days and I cannot connect to an english speaking employee. My problem is I need to replace my gas boiler for mains gas and I dont know if I have to go through repsol or can I buy a boiler and have a tradesperson install it or will this put me in trouble with repsol.any info will be appreciated.

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