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I shall be walking from my current home in the French Pyrenees, to the house where I was born, in Blackpool, Lancashire. I plan to take 70 days for the walk and to arrive 70 years, to the day, after I was born. I will be walking an average of 30 kms a day, 6 days a week, for 10 weeks. If anybody wants to follow my planning, preparations, training, and eventually the walk itself (starts on May 15th 2010) my blog address is:http://www.vicsbigwalk.blogspot.comAny helpful suggestions will be gratefully received.Vic Heaney

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Hello All, What are your thoughts on Spanish being Anti Foreigner ... ? We have lived here for over 10 years, speak fluent Spanish, and are pretty much 'integrated', as far as you can be. We are integrated with the Spanish community, British community, German community etc .... However, something feels uneasy .. With the current financial crisis, the world over, what are your own personal opinions of living in Spain, or returning back to the UK? Of course in the UK, and other countries, there are these feelings also. Personally, we feel confused by how we are seen here, despite bbeing 'integrated' ....

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Figures from the Office for National Statistics indicate that some 385,000 people left the UK for the long term in the year to mid-2006. Perception of crime is a main reason for people wanting to leave the UK, Also, people are worried about their children, their jobs and their future in the UK. Why did you leave, to escape to the sun or to escape from the UK?

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Back when I was a student (in the early middle ages) a fellow student told me that Spain had a very relaxed attitude to "soft" drugs, and that many areas were practically as relaxed as Amsterdam when it came to lighting up the odd Jazz Cigarette. I was simply wondering if this was true (i.e. if it was once true, and if its still is). I have no personal interest in the matter, because I'm so middle class that I know if I were to light up just one stick of reefer I'd be impaling babies on meat skewers within 150 minutes, but I don't hang out in the sort of places where people are likely to smoke a doobie (a Monte Christo No3, perhaps). Nevertheless a 20-odd-year-old music-related flashback - iTunes is great - had me wondering about the truth or otherwise of my friend's statement and its relevance today. It's trivial, but I'd be interested in any relevant comments (depressing personal experiences not required!).

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One thing we foreigners are never informed about is that the spanish housing market is being manipulated by the government by giving away V.P.O apartments to people under the age of 35 and pensioneers. These V.P.O apartments used to be for very poor people back in the 80;s, but now spanish people with a normal income can apply. In Spain it is not supply and demand that rules as it does in other countries. http://www.tuguialegal.com/indicevivienda.htm http://www.mviv.es/es/index.phpWe "guiris" or "chanos" as the spanish call us behind our back(the first means forreigners and the second is a short for gipsys) are not informed about this, even though in theory we are entitled as EU recidents and as spanish recidents to apply. MEGMEG

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These events are really stupid and they carry on for so long, back in the Uk one day carnival was fine, here the Fiestas just go on too long and the animal abuse is disturbing. Can anyone tell me why they have to do this? It all seems such a silly Latin macho male thing. Enjoy

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I am sure you have all heard it said at some point when the issue of over development comes up " but we have brought money into the local economy" . What I would like to hear is other peoples views on whether we are a big advantage or quite the reverse. My view is that there is certainly to much ghettoising of the costa Blanca, and I must say not only by British expats. For myself I cannot understand the need to buy British products from British people in so called British shops. Aside from anything else I do not agree with moving food around the to suit the dubious taste of people with more money than sense. The Valencia region has for centuries produced a marvellous range of food stuffs and will continue to do so, if the building stops! Of course it is a case of people in glass houses as I have bought a property here, I hope at least I do contribute something to my community by not trying to live as if I am in Skegness with more sun.

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I might be looking to buy if the price is right. I would like 1-2 bedrooms, max 1 hour from the coast. No need for realestate agents to contact me as their commissions sometimes are between 10-20% of the price. And no need to contact me if you are someone that tries to sell with a 50% profit. The market is changing and if you want to wait another 3 years to try and sell your property - by all means - do so! But if you bought in the 80;s and want to sell NOW. Contact me today!MEG

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I would be interested in hearing some opinions on wearing fur. I personally would not buy new fur items, but am happy to wear real antique furs.

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I just heard this headline on the TV news Gangland Britain, why are our children killing each other? - what do you think?

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I can not understand why people are allowing their children to wander round and play in the flood water in the UK, surely they realise that this water is polluted with sewage, dead animals, and who knows what, is it just apathy, as long as they are not under there parents feet it doesnt matter. When there is an outbreak of water borne diseases it will be a case of "no one warned us".

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It's that time of year again when England sees fit to "celebrate" the gun powder plot, or are they celebrating the foil of it? I imagine a huge percentage of people don't know. Anyway, it doesn't matter what they are celebrating, the fact is that as long as fireworks are sold retail, some children will get burnt. Is it really worth it? Well, I don't think it is. My children have never had fireworks and they are non the worse for it. They are all in their twenties now and although they have never been to even an organised bonfire display, they don't think they missed anything. Can you be sure that it won't be one of your children that get burned this year? Pierce N

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I read an article in a local paper this week that made me feel so sad. The author referred to their old dog talking about how sick it was, didn't want to get up to greet visitors etc and to make it worse there was even a photograph showing the dog lying down and looking forlorn. When we humans are faced with a loved one dying, in pain, we talk about euthanasia. "Why is it legal in some countries but not ours?" "Isn't it cruel to keep someone alive when there is absolutely no chance of recovery." etc. etc. YET, it amazes me that on the we do have the choice, with our animals, that we claim to love as much as if not more than humans, some people cannot or will not make the right choice. They prefer to watch the animal suffer unnecessarily. Euthanasia for animals is the kind choice, certainly nowadays it can be painless and is humane! Dee

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Can anyone settle an arguement. Yesterday was 50 years since the four minute mile was achieved by Roger Bannister. Does anyone know exaactly what the time was. I´ve got money on this. CheersSingin

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I notice the full contingency of camper vans are to be seen in beachside carparks and roads once agian, This is really evident during the winter and spring months. Some are really set up well. clothes lines tied to lamp posts, deck chairs on the pavement real little home from homes. One popular spot near Guadarmar reserve seems to attract more vans every year. Of course most park sides on to the pavements being to long to park in the normal fashion ( for cars ) so take up two if not three spaces, but then that makes it more pleasant to sit with a private veiw of the reserve. Now my question is this are they in fact free spirits taking to the open road for adventure, the vast majority the "grey foxes" as the Australians call these retired travellers, or are they a bunch of free loaders? What I mean by that is are they living off the goodwill of the people who live a more conventional life, pay their taxes, buy their water, contribute to local services through these payments. You know for police, roads, refuse collection. I recall in UK much public up roar and outrage at the so call "new age travellers". Are these grey foxes just the tidier version? I have noticed that few if any vans are Spainish registered or ITV'ed so I presume that these people are not Spainish residents. Love to hear a few views on this, for myself I have not decided, 3 gererations back my family were Romany travellers so I can see the attraction of the lifestyle. Go on voice an opinion its free!!!!

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The concept of community freehold property seems to be alien to a high number of British migrants. In fact the whole issue of shared freehold, stairs, lifts, gardens etc, within buildings consisting of individual freehold flats etc..... was look at and revised in UK in the last few years with a few to creating a similar system to the one in Spain. However many migrates do not really understand the whole idea of forming or joining and running the required community of owners. As a result of this lack of understanding of the system problems arise. Some owners seem to feel they are being told what to do, dictated to. Others think if they ignore the whole thing it will go away. What do other feel? When the issue arose for us shortly after we bought our new build apartment we felt the best thing to do was get as much information as we could about the law and what it meant to us. Having read extensively we have come to the conclusion that as we suspected you have to take part if you want democracy to work. We are just into our second year, I find myself president once again, I forgot to take one step back when the call came for a volunteer, everyone else remembered! Joking apart I believe that the law is well thought out and sensible, put in place to protect owners. I would like to hear the views of other presidents and owners, for us as a small community it’s so far been beneficial how about you?

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Such a shame that a great like Zidane had to spoil things last night for France. An unfortunate end to his career.magda

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Oasis or Blur?

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