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I’m looking to get two french bulldog puppies and I’ve looked on a lot of sights but have had no look as they have either been scammers or said they live close on the advert when they really don’t live near me and my partner, we are looking to buy a female and male for loving, not breading, can anyone please put me in the right direction of a breeder or if anyone is selling puppies near me in The province of Cadiz , san Roque or Estepona area please get in touch, thank you

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Hi, we are looking for someone who will be able to look after our house and dog and 2 cats when we are away. What would be best is if we can find someone who can do this when we need so that the animals get to know them and vice versa.  We are in the Javea area and have a pool and a lovely garden.

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Does anyone know of a individual or business that does a cat feeding service?We've got 4 that live on our doorstep and although the cattery are brilliant, they are outdoor cats really so am exploring other avenues.I'd like someone to come and feed them twice a day, give them some attention etc while we are away.In Almoradí / Rojales area.

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The Doggie Hotel - Dog Boarding KennelWe are a small kennel situated 13km from Pinoso and 12km from Yecla approximately 40min from Alicante. Very easy to find just off the CV836 / RM424 . All our doggies are walked daily have large spacious tiled kennels and automatic drinkers with raised beds to extra comfort. Our rate is 8 euro per day per dog. Visitors are most welcome. We can collect and deliver . See our facebook page or ring Jacquie 865663004 for more information.

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Hi there ,We are new to the Costa Blanca (La Nucia) and have ended up with a neighbour with a large dog that barks all night ........ he locks it in a cage and simply does not wish to do anything about it ..... I have spoken to him - he fobbed me off......I love animals - and it is a real nice dog - but it is driving us mad ...How do I get someone in Council or Animal welfare to intervene ??Who do I call ???Going MAD !!!

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I am looking for somebody of a reasonable experience level to help exercise my two mares. They are in the San Miguel region in Alicante. If you are interested please email kimberlee2106@aol.com or call 634311732and leave a message. Spanish welcome but must speak some English.

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Paws transport.comTransporting your pet from uk to Spain tips and advice from professionals moving your pet in extreme weather making sure the Animals have plenty water and will ventilated area and making sure you stop you vehicle every 3 hours to walk and check all your Animals is so Important.if you are Bringing your pet to France or Spain this year have a back up plan incase your vehicle has a problem RAC or AA Eurocover 20 Litres of Water plenty food .If you do break down look for shade for your pets do not leave them unattended in any vehicle 15 mins your pet would Die in the heat if locked up in a car without air .With shade water food you and your pets will survive if on the motorway stay with your Vehicle and contact the Emergency Services on 112 or Your Breakdown Number Take Silver sunscreens to protect the pets in the Back .Dont forget the dogs and cats have a fur coat on and need to be kept cool  and hydrated .we at paws Transport are Defra Registered in Uk.any pet related questions please call 07480 567000 

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Does anyone know if we can get a herder to bring goats to ckear land in oliva

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Does anyone know if it is legal to enclose a hunting dog in a cage (+/-3m x 4m) all the time and only let him come out when the owner goes hunting (maybe twice a year not more!) The cage with the dog is +/- 100m away from the house so the poor dog is all on his own all the time. He gets food but not fresh food every day.

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Hi.  Need to rehome 3 Cats and one small dog aged approx 8, due to elderly parent returning to UK.  Care home will not accept animals  Orba Area. Any help would be very welcome, any organizations that I can speak to or contact.    I am out of the area so struggling to know where to start . thanks in anticipation  

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Does anyone know if dogs (in our case 4) can be left on their own during +/- 10 months. The owners live in an appartment in the village next door and leave their 4 dogs in their summer house on their own. They come and feed them regularely but just drop down the food and leave. These poor dogs need attention and company so everytime someone passes (this very often because there are 2 camping sites nearby) they bark. During the night not many people walk around but they bark every time something moves! This means we have no peace at all! The Police doesn't care although there are written laws about "not disturbing neighbours due to barking". Does anyone know how many dogs people can have in Alfaz del Pi because soemone told me that every town has it's own rules. Thank you very much for your help.  

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We are looking to move out to the Costa Blance in October of this year and would like to know if anyone has any advice on pet insurance?  Do we look to get cover in the UK or is there the ability to take out insurance in Spain?  Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you - Lynda

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Can anyone please tell me what people do regarding their horses feet. Are there any qualified farriers around, do people diy or ......!!! I have a farrier friend who is thinking of relocating

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Can anyone tell me what the procedure is for reporting an owner of a dog that is clearly infested and neglected in the Jalon area of Alicante Prov.  

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Hi everyone, help would be gratefully received on the above topic. We are thinking of buying a property in Spain and trying to research loads of info relating to such a move. Can anyone give us an idea of cost and who with when flying a smal dog to Alicante from East Mids Have all info we need on documentation but be advised to medicate for heart and lung worm. Is this easy to achieve if not what can be done to overcome this problem. Also what scale is the flea / tick problem and is there reputable treatments easily available. Many thanks and hope to hear your views soon AM&Bob

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Hello All, Many people may not be aware of the terrible fate of some of Spain's hunting dogs.  They may be killed heartlessly at the end of the hunting season, sometimes by the slow and agonising method of 'piano-playing' - the dog is hanged by the neck but can just reach the ground.  The piano-playing refers to the click of its toes on the ground as it desperately scrabbles around until it tires and succumbs.  This can take a long time.  Other dogs are insufficiently fed, kennelled and exercised. A Spaniard has started a petition to present to the Spanish government to bring about some long overdue legislation to protect these animals.  Please sign the petition and pass it on to all your friends, Spanish and English, so that the total of 500,000 required signatures can be reached (see link below, you may need to copy and paste into your browser). http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/293/313/901/ Thank you so much.

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Just been speaking to a Spanish neighbour who has two dogs, he tells me that he now has to keep them very quiet or the police will pay him a visit, seems someone has complained about the noise, I live next door and have to say the dogs are not that noisy at all, he also says that dogs are being poisoned in several places, Polop, La nucia, etc, does anyone know, is this a new ruling, or, just someone being a bit vindictive? we are only five houses in a small street and all get along very well together. 

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Can anyone please suggest a company or private rental that will take us and the dog for 3-6 months prior to making a final move over here. Googled for hours but getting nowhere fast ! The dog appears to be the problem. ! Can anybody suggest something please ? Many thanks Brian & Toni

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I you or anyone you know is a true loving person who wants to adopt or foster cats or dogs, please contact us.  Our main work is explained in www.mygranalacant.com/feral-friends-gran-alacant.htm We mainly attend the urgent cases such as hit by car or very ill stray animals and do sterilization programs when funds let us. To continue this work we need help, for this we organize  boot sales and different events. April:  Yoga Introductory Workshop on the  16th April from 10 to 12, fee 10€. Mat is provided so just wear confortable clothes and socks. This workshop will give you a chance to find out what it's all about.  You will learn how yoga can improve your posture, help your golf or tennis performance, reduce hip, knee or lower back discomfort, get you fit and even improve your breathing!  The real classes will start on the 23rd. and the cost will be 20€ for the 4 classes in the month, every Wednesday.   Place Carabassi shopping center, Gran Alacant, Molly Malones Pub-Restaurant to register:  You can come to the Yoga Workshop introduction on the 16th &/or contact the org: feralfriends.ga@gmail.com & tel. 697574199 except Sundays.  

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I left Spain a couple of years ago, at which time Dobermans were on the PPP list and I was required to register him, take the psychological test etc. We are now planning to return to live in Spain but upn checking the law it seems Dobermans are no longer on the PPP list except in Andalucia - according to AI anyway. Information found elsewhere has been contradictory and I can't work out what the current law states. Does anyone have any idea?

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