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Two abandoned dogs have been living on waste ground near to us for a while. At first it was just the one, but for the last few days a smaller dog had joined him and theyve become inseparable. I suppose a case of 'us against the world'. Several people as well as ourselves were feeding them and finallly, on Saturday a lady's grandson a street away from us coaxed them to her home. She couldn't keep them as she already has 3 bitches. Thankfully, the 'grapevine' worked and yesterday afternoon she knocked on our door. The dogs are now here and they're both just wonderful. As it's easter and no vets open, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question re micro-chipping. I know it's law here to have a dog chipped, but what happens to an abandoned dog? If they're chipped - legally are we oblilgated to contact the owner? These dogs are so thin .... thanks. We will be at the vets tomorrow but like always I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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pinkbird 1239702173

if the dogs have been abandoned, which is happening more and more, even if they are chipped the owners will most likely not be around. I am sure your local vet will advise

Madalaine 1239743880

Thanks for your reply Pinkbird. We've been to the vets. Neither dog was chipped. We have to pay an adoption fee apparently and wait for 10 days in case the owners report them as missing. I can't see this happening as I understand it's illegal to not have a dog chipped. Both dogs settling in very well.

jimmy-582599 1239782829

If a dog is chipped the owner has to release their details before you can find out who they are. So- if they have been dumped or abandoned the dog may be chipped but you probably won't ever find out who it belonged to.

Good luck with your new doggies!

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