Cat stuck up Pine Tree

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Hi can anyone help? I am getting desperate now, there has been a cat up a 35 ft pine tree in my garden in Moraira for 4 days now. It cant get down. It is so distressing to see it. I understand that cats can go without food for a while but not water, and with this warm weather it is probably worse. It is a feral cat and very nervous so I know there is no way anyone could go up there and bring it down. I am putting some sheets about waist height up round the tree today held with bungie ties in case it goes unconscious and falls. Any thoughts would be useful. Thanks

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Hi just to let everyone know, after 4 days the cat is now down safe and sound. We had a tree specialist who has got cats down before and he is good with animals. He went up the tree on a rope, gave us a blanket to stand at the bottom of the tree with, and told us where to stand. He then cut down the branch the cat was on, and down came the cat, we caught him in the blanket and he ran off. What a relief.

Thanks for the replies. If anyone has a similar problem, I can totally recommend the tree feller who wouldnt take any money so we gave him a bottle of champagne!

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