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Does anyone know if it is legal to enclose a hunting dog in a cage (+/-3m x 4m) all the time and only let him come out when the owner goes hunting (maybe twice a year not more!) The cage with the dog is +/- 100m away from the house so the poor dog is all on his own all the time. He gets food but not fresh food every day.


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We are part of the group in Javea which rescues Podenco's.  There is a issue near Valencia where 12 podenco's are kept in a shipping container and the GC just simply do not wish to know.  Temperatures of 40 degree.  Will ask the question for you

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Thank you for checking!

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Here is the reply


No its illegal...needs to be reported. .its a tough one but ..getting an association there to look may help abd let them denounce. Better to denounce with lawyer if possible and take photos regularly with newspaper for date and proof...x

 This is from Viv down Murcia way.

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Thank you for your reply but we cannot take photos since the dog is hidden in the cage behind a wall.

We already had Seprona and a dog association but they say they cannot do anything.

If you could find THE law that does not allow this it would be helpful.

Thank you in advance

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your answer is here :


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there is this too, for all the different regions -

just click on the region you want info about.

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Thank you very much for the links but you won't believe me! Since about 3 weeks the poor dog in the cage has been taken away. We don't know why or where it's gone. His move coincides with Spain signing the Europeans new laws on dogs. It might be that or coincidence!

We hope the dog is happy now and well looked after since he was really nice and we are enjoying working in our garden without having to hear that poor dog cry and bark!

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