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Can anyone tell me the rules for taking your dog in the car here? I know you see many dogs sitting where they like in cars, but what is considered correct legally?

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chris123-585915 1276680690

Dogs, (officially) must be restrained in moving vehicles as in the UK. A dog guard would suffice. This is to prevent injury to animal and passengers in the event of an accident or to stop the dog from jumping on you as you are driving. But many as you are aware drive with their dogs loose.

beckmiddleton-589354 1276691554

What about those restraining harnesses you can get which lock into the seatbelt?

chris123-585915 1276691963

Yes fine, as restrained is exactly that. It simply means not loose in the vehicle.

beckmiddleton-589354 1276812795

Just to let anyone who is interested know I got a car harness in the Benijofar vets for 10 euros.

anna74 1297029805

Try a high value treat on the car seat. Once he is inside and eating the
treat, climb in quickly and close the door. As others have said some
dogs just don't like cars. When you do get him in the car, make sure you
go someplace nearby and really fun. Since it is sometimes necessary to
ride in a car, keep working on it but don't force long or unnecessary
rides if he really hates it. He may also get car sick, ask the Vet if your
dog shows sign of car sickness.
Before you take your dog to a long travel try to teach first obedience training for dogs inside the car. By that both of you have a comfortable

fpegman-591072 1297030968

The Men In Green do not seem to like restraiining harness'es and have been know to fine you for not having the dog behind a dog guard and sometimes demand that the dog is restrained behind the guard

cathrynHorriebands 1308922088

Hey Becky, what size dog is it for babe? Is it for a Rocky size pooch?? xxx

Gregg Bowers 1309824488

Holding on to dogs while driving is something like texting while driving. It is a recipe for disaster. Pets should always be restrained while driving... Period


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