french bull dog pedigree papers

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i had a french bull dog from a pet shop in benidorm i was told i would get my dog's pedigree in the post we are now back in the uk but we have not had the papers back for the dog ,how can i get new papers sent to my new address in the uk .also how can i trace the pedigree in spain from the uk.

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Sounds like you have been had . You should never buy a pedigree breed from a pet shop

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The AngloINFO INFOrmation page here: Essential Animal Information for Pets in Spain gives an overview of the rules including this extract:

The seller of a domestic animal has to provide the following documents:

  • Sale certificate (Contrato de compra-venta)
  • Microchip number and identity card (Formulario de identificación canina)

  • Vaccination book signed by the vet.
  • Original pedigree document (if applicable)

Do you have the name and contact details of the Pet Shop on the Sale certificate?

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