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I have always wanted to buy an iguana to keep as a pet. Does anyone have any advice for me? Do they make good pets? Where can I get one on the Costa and what do they eat? rob

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Deniadude 1151104437

Do the iguana a favour, leave him where he is!

Stay cool dudes !

Susie-580603 1151177215

Why would you want to keep an iguana as a pet? What do they do?!


rob-580620 1151313600

They are beautiful fascinating creatures and lets face it, a little more exciting than your run of the mill pooch..?! Not sure how easy they are to keep in good nick though...may require some pretty dodgy food like dead grasshoppers and stuff! You really need to do some research!


laura-580582 1151499689

Did you ever get the Iguana? I would be interested to know how you get on with him! Plus was he expensive?


Tommy-580629 1151567316

Rob I hope you were having us on there. If not see this http://www.greenigsociety.org/credentials.htm and make sure you can commit to the work involved and the time. Please let us look after the animals better in this world, best place ifor an iguana is in the wild.


bubsere 1314106935

I have an iguana he is now nearly 2. but he is really easy to look after as long as the light humidity are good they dont eat insects or meat only veg and fruit. so tomatos parsley rose leaves anything like plants as long as they arent toxic always check on iguana care websites but they aqrent any different to dogs. i have 5 dogs and i think he has mre character than all of them good luck xx

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