Parent returning to UK due to dementia

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Hi.  Need to rehome 3 Cats and one small dog aged approx 8, due to elderly parent returning to UK.  Care home will not accept animals  Orba Area. Any help would be very welcome, any organizations that I can speak to or contact.    I am out of the area so struggling to know where to start . thanks in anticipation  


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Hi. Have you ever thought to take in a live in carer and thus keep the animals that your parent is obviously used to and will dearly miss. It seems such a shame that people think they need to return to their homeland after so long in spain where they have made new a new life and new friends. The traumer of leaving ones home, pets and friends could be the worst alternative surely.

Should you wish to consider a live in carer, please leave your details.

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Thanks for your reply.   

We as a family have explored ali the obvious solutions.  Mother is able to partake in the decision.  And has chosen this route.  We are only the facilitators. 



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I do wish you every success with the move and hope you can find someone who will take the pets.

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Hello / Bonjour / Hola Pepe in Normandy,

It was very nice to read about the charitable White Knight offering to provide a free live in carer to support your elderly parents in order that they can remain in the area with their pets.....although I do sometimes questions peoples true motives! maybe I am just cynical, anyway :-

I am also an animal lover and currently have a Spanish pussy cat that I´m returning to the UK with next week and therefore understand the difficulties associated with trying find homes for your three cats and one doggy.

However if you can´t find homes, as a last resort you could contact the charity (S.C.A.N.) in El Verger next to Ondara and which is close to Orba.

S.C.A.N is close to Orba and you perhaps make a decent DONATION as I have always done for the care of abandoned cats which are often re-housed / adopted.

They are a charity and a society for the care of animals in need run by a lovely bunch of altruistic volunteers.

Good luck with your family and the mascotas / pets.

Dr Martin-Lucas.






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Thank you Lucas.  

We have been in touch with SCAN. And they have been brilliant.  

thanks for taking the time to reply.



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