paws transport info Transporting your pets to Spain in Summer

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Paws transport.comTransporting your pet from uk to Spain tips and advice from professionals moving your pet in extreme weather making sure the Animals have plenty water and will ventilated area and making sure you stop you vehicle every 3 hours to walk and check all your Animals is so Important.if you are Bringing your pet to France or Spain this year have a back up plan incase your vehicle has a problem RAC or AA Eurocover 20 Litres of Water plenty food .If you do break down look for shade for your pets do not leave them unattended in any vehicle 15 mins your pet would Die in the heat if locked up in a car without air .With shade water food you and your pets will survive if on the motorway stay with your Vehicle and contact the Emergency Services on 112 or Your Breakdown Number Take Silver sunscreens to protect the pets in the Back .Dont forget the dogs and cats have a fur coat on and need to be kept cool  and hydrated .we at paws Transport are Defra Registered in Uk.any pet related questions please call 07480 567000 


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