Possible problems and cost of relocating with small dog

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Hi everyone, help would be gratefully received on the above topic. We are thinking of buying a property in Spain and trying to research loads of info relating to such a move. Can anyone give us an idea of cost and who with when flying a smal dog to Alicante from East Mids Have all info we need on documentation but be advised to medicate for heart and lung worm. Is this easy to achieve if not what can be done to overcome this problem. Also what scale is the flea / tick problem and is there reputable treatments easily available. Many thanks and hope to hear your views soon AM&Bob


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Very few airports have facilities to process legislation/regulations for the immigration of animals , could be your only solution would be travel by car & ferry.

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hi we live in spain for 9 mnthsof the year and have never treated our dog for heart and lung problems, as for ticks etc just use frontline or similar product twice a year.dont be mamby pamby just get rabie injection done and then you are ok to go. why dont you drive or if you dont go by high speed train.lots of people in my eyes fuss over their dogs too much

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