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We adopted two abandoned dogs about 6 weeks' ago. They're very happy with us, but at the moment we can't let them off the lead for fear of them running away. It has happened once when we took them for a walk to an area not visited by ourselves, but they obviously knew it. Our vet thinks they were on their own for a considerable time, so they're used to surviving alone. We're looking for somewhere we can let the dogs run free but that is secure, so that we can train them properly. Any ideas please? thank you. Also, there are many stray cats around where we live (and everywhere I guess). For the last few days there's a kitten who continually miaows all day and all night. I can't get it to respond to me and against everyone's advice have left out food and drink. It seems that the mother cat has simply thrown this kitten out. Does anyone know if this is usual? There are a few more in the litter. I don't know how many. the kitten doesn't seem to be hurt, just upset. thank you again. Maddy

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DonnaD-586901 1244232461

Hi. I can't respond to the question about the training area because I am not located in your area. But as far as the kitten is concerned: the mother cat may have chosen to abandon it IF she is still around or it may be unable to get to where the other kittens are - higher location, etc. Can you locate it and see if it is injured, perhaps bottle feed it (that requires a possible committment on your part).

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Hi Donna

Thanks for your reply.

I think the mother has chosen to abandon the kitten. the other 2 are still with her. The abandoned one is uninjured but won't accept any food and certainly won't let me near her/him. I'm leaving milk and food out. If I approach she runs elsewhere. It seems that the mother won't let her come near either.


DonnaD-586901 1244243266

I'm sending you an email.

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