Stolen / Lost Dogs Around Javea-Please Help

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Barney, Jake & Pablo last seen in Tesoro Park around 3.30pm on Friday 17th April. Assumed to be heading towards Les Fonts / Benitachell area via Calle Mark Twain but really, anything is possible. All would have been together but could now be separated. There has been no sign of any of them since this time, we have walked and driven everywhere we can think of, several times over.This is tearing our family apart. These are family pets who love their home comforts. The only reason they are not here now is a) they got very lost or b) they were taken by somebody who for some reason has not reported it.Maybe they are trapped somewhere, shut in a garden. There has been thunder last night and today and Barney will have been going frantic as it scares him. So do fireworks.Descriptions (+ please see photo):BARNEY: Golden Retriever, 4 years old, Golden colourJAKE: Golden Retriever, 18 months old, White colourPABLO: Cocker Spaniel, 12 months old, BrownAll had collars, but no tags, all are microchipped.They are FRIENDLY and will not hurt you, Pablo is timid around strangers. Please help me get them back, it's breaking our hearts.Please invite all your friends that live in Javea or surrounding areas to this group. The more people that know the better. They have to be out there somewhere.REWARDI cannot afford much, but I will do anything to have them back and will sell things to raise a reward if I have to. I work in IT and will sort out your computer for free for ever if you find them.CONTACTMy mobile 687 844 326My parents 966 462 621My Mums mobile 687 770 951Jo Hardaker 965 796 082Benitachell and Javea police can also be contacted, as can APASA in Javea. Benitachell police: 608 96 25 67Thank you.FACEBOOK GROUP HERE href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank> href="" rel=nofollow target=_blank>

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hippychic-581604 1240308021

I think you would find they will stick together, and three big dogs would be hard to steal, keep hoping, keep looking,

barneysmum-587191 1240325128

They have been FOUND! They were taken in on Friday, the day they went missing and I just had a phone call about it today.

So, relief all round, and thank you to everyone who helped.

tweetypie-580788 1240348695

That is really good news (for a change!). We heard the appeal on a local radio station too and had been on the lookout.

Hope everything works out well for you in the future.

hippychic-581604 1240393717

Brilliant news, i bet they are glad to be back home.

slackalice-582060 1240478739

great news we lost our little mate for 2 days last year thank goodness he was micro chipped because he had gone quite a way.

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