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hi we have a fine dogue de bordeaux for stud top blood lines ,grandson of the late world champion temple felson,who was considered by experts to be one of the best dogues in history.tyson (beauxchiens hercules)is 18mths and is near on 11 st big boy ,he his now awaiting is first senorita.his father is mdenapoli red cobra (dollar)who is also a fine douge due to his father temple felson.

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wanted stable yard prefere with grazing but depending on prices 697532038

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We have got a black cat staying with us at the moment. We are looking for a good home for him with somebody who has got all the attention for him. He is a male, not so big, and i think aprox 1 year old. He likes to be with you all day long and is very cuddly, also he talks to you all the time. We have enough cats ourselves and we really can not give this one the attention he needs because we work all day and he is following you al arround. He can be picked up in Catral/Dolores and will be the best companion you ever had. Tel: 666 319 716 Tel:666 319 716

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Hi, a bit of advice please, friends of ours are due to sign up for a house soon, unfortunately the present owner is feeding a large colony of feral cats and kittens, some of which she lets into the house. any advice on how to discourage them, they don't want to be cruel in any way, any advice would be most welcome. Barney.

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im a vet nurse and i rescued a kitten she is about 8 months old called pushka unfortunately my land lord does not want my cat in the apartment can anyone give her a great home she needs extra special love as shes blind in one eye pls can someone give her a home and in return she will give you alot of love and cuddles she loves other cats and loves dogs too as i have a staffy and they sleep together

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Hi, I have for sale a 12 week old female yorkshire terrier puppy, only selling due to family loss and me having to go back to England immediately. She has had injections been wormed etc. She is a lovely little girl and I want her to go to a good home, she will come with basket, bowls, lead etc. I was asking €400 but I need to be leaving sooner than I thought, so I will accept £350 ono, for a quicker sale, I paid £500 for her. Based in Benidorm, if you are interested contact me on 615697083.

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Husky Cross Shepherds very friendly, excellent with children.. Both walk excellent on a lead. Both healthy and vaccinated. Tel. 965 960 658 Mobile 600 552 030

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Hi, I have for sale a 12 week old female yorkshire terrier puppy, only selling due to family loss and me having to go back to England immediately. She has had injections been wormed etc, all she requires is chip & passport. She is a lovely little girl and I want her to go to a good home, she will come with basket, bowls, lead etc. I am asking €400 ono. Based in Benidorm, if you are interested contact me after 5pm on 615697083.

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I have lost my small black dog in Cansalades Park. He is very friendly and answers to the name of Cheech. Any information on his whereabouts would be great.We offer a reward for information.Please call Anabel 656337016 or contact Computer Pitstop 901888100

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KITTENS 9 weeks old, male and female 2 are black and white and 1 grey and 1 pure black. All adorable and friendly. Tel. 965 960 658 Mobile 600 552 030

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Lost in Alfaz del Pi area. Small Daschund black with grey head. Very old and timid. female. Please help me find her. Tel. 966 860 840

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I have some Yorkshire Terrier Puppies for sale please email for details and pictures they are pure bred, I have Mum and Dad, and they are being brought up in a family home with kids, cats noise etc, they are beautiful playful little bundles, the Dad has a pedigree, but we haven't followed up with the papers

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Hi all, I have been asked to find homes for the two dogs that I walk daily. The owner has died, so it is through no fault of their own, that they are in this predicament. They can be separated, it is difficult enough to rehome 1 large dog out here, let alone two. Picasso is a 4yr old N/M Labrador. He is typical of the breed, very friendly, energetic and greedy! He is also quite obedient, recall is very good (anything for a tasty morsel). Strike is a 9yr old S/F mixed breed, possibly GSD/ROUGH COLLIE? I have become quite attached to her. She is obedient, sensitive and affectionate. Because she was beaten in a previous home, Strike is very hand shy and will flinch if you raise your arm. Both dogs have a high chase drive, so, a no cat home would be best! If you are interested in either of the dogs, or know someone that may be, please contact me either by email or phone. Both dogs will need to be vaccinated as this has lapsed. Regards Jenny

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Free to a good home. 3 gorgeous puppies found wandering in Torreta III (Torrevieja). Small size. Can be given away separately. Tel.697 241 430

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ive been asked to use my shar-pei dog as a stud, he has a good pedigree, does anyone know what the going rate would be??? its just another dropped stitch in lifes tapestry

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Please help me to find home for Sassie. Only 18 months old and as good as gold. We would take her back to UK but cant afford the passport etc. Rescue Centers have no room, so our only alternative would be to have her put to sleep. Torri pound will only keep her 6 days so we couldn't possibly leave her there. We are returning to UK middle of this month. Please Please Help her. Thank you.love pooches

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Hallo, My name is Sassie, a little Staffi x Jack Russell, well what my mummy tells me. Black and White with big brown eyes, very Gentle and I love other dogs to play with. I found my mummy at the Stables where she keeps her horse oh over a year ago and she has loved and taken care of me since. But she has to move back to the UK in Jan 2008. She has tried her hardest to find me a home even the rescue cant fit me in. I am Crate Trained very clean, when out I come to call immediatly. If you can give me a good home soon I will love you all my life. Thankyou. Sassie x-x-x-x love pooches

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I am looking to adopt a dog, I already have a 2 year old female terrier, but I would like to have another dog aswell, I got my current dog from a dog shelter when she was a puppy, but now I thought I would try on here before going to any shelters as I know alot of people on this site foster for the shelters, I am ideally looking for a small to medium size dog I don`t care what sex it is as my dog is spayed. I would like the age to be between puppy and 3 years old, my dog is 2 so it would be nice to have two dogs about the same age so they can play together. I am in the Benidorm area, if anyone knows of a dog that needs a good loving home, please get in contact with me. I am willing to pay for anything the dog needs immediately such as injections etc, but if the dog has had these things done I will give a donation of course, thanks very much, hope someone can help.

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Has anyone had any experience of useing pet insurance in Spain, I have been considering getting it for my cat. any tips or recommendations please

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Hi all, would really appreciate some advice on this one. Came to spain with all in intentions of staying but due to family medical problems back in UK we have to go back and very soon! My problem is my 2 lovely cats Billy Bobby, we have not enough money to afford to put them in a cattery for 6months and get all the jabs done as we are not here anyway, so does anyone know of anyone that would look after them and of course I will pay for there stay and foodetc on a private agreement ?? or any advice on what I could do? I have asked neighbours but no good. Thank u Lara rambull@live.com

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