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my daughter wants to buy a pair of Zebra Finches, I said ok as long as we build an avairy, how long a life do these birds have?

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I know this breed isn't exactly typically Spanish but I wonder whether anyone knows where I can find a pedigree Cairn terrier pup?Fran

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I need to take my cat to the vet for her innoculations but my Spanish is very limited. Are there any vets near Benidorm who speak English?laura

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Going back to the UK for Easter and need to leave my pooch in a (very caring) pet hotel for a week. Does anyone have any recommendations?magda

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Is there such a thing like we have `back home` where doggy loving people take dogs into their own home for a `holiday` and love and walk and feed them for a small fee? I am not a huge fan of kennels although they do the job. I know my boys would feel abandoned, betrayed and go into a stinking huff if I were to leave them in a kennel.

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HELP! My dog is in need of a haircut, but I don't know of any dog grooming places nearby. I live in Catral, Does anyone know of a good place I can take him for a short back and sides?? Thanks!! 

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We have a gorgeous Staff, tan in colour and full pedigree available for stud. We live in Calpe but are prepared to travel. Telephone 965839913 sarah

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i need to bring my pony over its being mistreated in england and its urgent i get him back but i cant afford to bring him over myself does anyone have space to bring him over for me or could help with the finance of a trip over thanks 687109828 697532038

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urgently required person to put money into equestrian business experienced equine person looking to open new year but no money help needed to start up can you help 687109828 697532038

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French Bulldog Puppies: Good homes wanted for French Bulldog puppies, later on this year.

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Does anyone know weather I can take my dog on the train to Madrid? Mari

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I want to bring my horse over to spain but its so expensive does anyone know of anyone doing a similar trip that my pony could hitch a ride

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Hi there people i am just putting out this post as i am considering moving to spain and will be setting up my own equestrian buisness! i need to know what horse tack/feed/clothing(human and horsey) plus any doggy and cat bits are impossible toget hold of in spain!! Can anyone give me a rough idea!! Thanks Lizzie

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I'm fairly new to Spain and my vet mentioned the white worms that live in the fir trees. He says every year he has to amputate many dog's tongues because of these. Has anyone any more information - and apart from trying to avoid fir trees, which I can't really do as I am surrounded by them here, have you any advice? Dee

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I have been travelling abroad for 6 weeks at a time over the last year - and will continue to do so for the forseeable future. My cat can get in and out and neighbours make sure food and water is available. BUT he is not happy and has always lost weight when I get back - follows me everywhere including my bed and I guess this cannot go on. So if anyone can give a gorgeous white 3 year old Persian/Siamese cross a good home, let me know. He would however not be happy in a flat - he needs a garden to have fun in!

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I visited my local vet today with my 14 year old beagle who, although usually very placid, gets a bit touchy at a visit to the "doggy doctor". This new vet of mine, Eurocan in el Campello is so fabulous that rather than insist that my dog is put on the table (which he really hates) sits on the floor and talks to him to put him at ease. Today, I left there after nearly an hour´s consultation which included an x-ray and had to pay only 42 euros. I am sure that the bill would have been 4 times this price in England, and with a vet whose brain was trying to equate time with money rather than concentrate of my old doggy. Pierce N

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Does anyone on here know if there is a Spanish version of the R.S.P.C.A? I know there are lots of individual rescue places i.e. SPAP etc., but is there an official organisation? The reason I am asking is     I and my 5 cats and 1 dog live in a mainly Spanish urbanization and there is a Spanish couple nearby who own 10 dogs and they allow them to fight and half kill each other. The noise is excruciating. They are left all day and just bark and tear chunks out of each other. The dog I have actually came from this Spanish couple, although I didn't know at the time it was one of theirs - she had got out and was wandering the street and she jumped into my arms. She had chunks missing out of her ears and scars and wounds on her body, and her left eye was so badly damaged, she is nearly blind now. I took her to the vet and he couldn't find any microchip, and when he examined her, he said she'd had puppies in the last year or so, yet she's about TEN years old, so I kept her. She is the sweetest little thing. They know I have the dog, but they weren't bothered about taking her back, thank God, and she is a happy little soul now. But they have just acquired another 3 dogs and I think this is ludicrous. The president of the urbanization doesn't want to know, and apparently the Spanish neighbour with the dogs used to BE the president....I have phoned the vet, who told me to phone SPAP - they weren't interested and it seems no-one seems to care about these dogs.I can't just sit back and listen to these poor animals howling and whimpering any more. Does anyone know how I can tackle this problem? I have tried speaking to the dogs' owner, but he is not very nice and now I don't know what to do. Surely there must be an R.S.P.C.A.equivalent who have to do something by law to stop animals suffering? I would appreciate any help with this situation. I adore animals and one day hope to have my own rescue/re-homing animal shelter here, but, alas, not soon enough for these poor dogs.

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Hi there.   My name is Pachi and I am a handsome little fellow. The reason I am writing this letter is because I have to find a new place to live. The family I am living with can no longer take care of me as they used to. We are travelling a lot, two babies have come to live with us and we are busy, busy, busy with all this mess.   So if any body out there is willing to open his family to a new friend, please let me know.   I am a middle size male and I don’t eat much. I only weight 12 Kg and I am 6 years old. I can sleep any where and I really enjoy the company of humans. I love kids and what I enjoy most is to go out for a walk.   If any body is interested in me, please let me know. If you need any further information, please do tell me so and I will come back to you as soon as possible. By the way, I have all my medical records up to date.   Thank you

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Can you give a home to one of 5 lovely kittens? Very pretty and tame, 1 is tabby with blue eyes, 2 are black and white like "Felix" and 2 are completely black. They are ready to go now. Playa Flamenca area.Tel: 660 687 321

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Can anyone help. Want to bring my dog to spain and i now live in france. What are the regulations or is it open boarders mjk

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