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We have a lovely litter of both Male and Female Bullmastif x Rotweiler puppies for sale, Mum is pedigree Bullmastiff, Dad is Mastiff x Rotweiler. Ready in 5 weeks, the price we are asking is just to cover the vet fees, this was an unexpected litter, therefore we would like to find homes for the pups asap. If you are interested please e mail me and i can send pictures. If you have an apartment please do not reply as they will be big dogs and a villa is a must.   Thanks

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I am going to England to see the family for 2 weeks and need to find somewhere to leave my dalmatian. It needs to be of a pretty good standard, he is quite a fussy chappy. I live just outside Alicante. analisecosta

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I would love to find a rescue home in the area to adopt either a dog or cat. Can anyone give me some pointers? Lindz

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4 Really beautiful kittens to give away, they were born Sunday May 28 so to give away from July 08 

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Hello everyone. I have an URGENT request.I'm moving to Macastre in Valencia next month (not Costa Blanca, I know, but I need advice). I love snakes; think they are amazing creatures that deserve our respect. I really want to bring my pet cornsnake with me, otherwise I'll have to find him a new home. He's very docile and non-venomous.The Spanish climate would be ideal for him. First, does anyone know if there would be any restrictions on bringing a pet snake? Also, if I can bring him I'd need to find a source of frozen mice for his food (of course, I thaw the mouse before giving it to the snake) - does anyone know of anywhere I can get these around the Macastre/Bunyol/Valencia area, please?

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There are 7 10 week old kittens who need homes, they are in Benissa living in a trailer with people who can just about afford to feed themselves let alone the kittens and the mother. Please reply soon with good homes with gardens. You all seem such nice people out there please Help.

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I've just found a big green toad in my swimming pool skimmer.  It's still alive but doesn't look very happy.  What should I do with it?

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HI my family and I are moving to calpe in August, we have a cat and dog that we wish to bring with us, can any one give any advice on the best place to fly them from, we are in Bournemouth, but our local airport doesn't take animals, any information on the process would be great, how much it costs etc, we also have a rabbit and three rats, does any one know if its possible to bring them!

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When I went into my living room this morning there was a cat sat on my sofa.  It must have got in through my kitchen window, which was open 6 or 7 centimetres.  Since I don't want to spend the summer sleeping with my windows shut, does anyone have any idea how I can keep it out?

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I am thinking about getting a dog (perferably a puppy) but want to know what are the rules and regulations in Spain? What do I have to do to adpot one from a refuge? What are the pet shop puppies like? and finally what are the regulations for breeders? Really looking forward to lots of advice from other doggie lovers x

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Hi, is there anyone out there that fosters dogs or can recommend someone? I am moving back to the UK in March and I cant take my dog with me until May. Thanks

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