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Hi.  Does anyone know and recommend any dog trainer/behaviourist in or around Costa Blanca area. I'm having a few problems with my dog digging up my garden and other things!!

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My friend has kennels in Alicante airport, she also fosters dogs and works with dog rehoming groups etc. she is brilliant with dogs, take a look ...http://amysalicanteairportkennels.weebly.com

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https://www.facebook.com/groups/388632894525442/ If you are thinking about getting a dog or a puppy, please look at this link. There are hundreds of lovely dogs waiting for new homes.  I recently adopted a lovely Miniature Schnauzer featured on this site.

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If anyone knows of a Calpi based dog kennels they can recommend, i'd appreciate it, thank you.  Dawn

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hi everyone, i,m looking for either of the above for 2 weeks from 2nd Nov till 16th Nov close to Benidorm for my Jack russell, can anyone recomend anyone or place? thanks in advance.

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can anyone give me advice i went to the flamingo oasis hotel in benidorm...i came out of the hotel turned right just passed the cafeteria hotel there was a long wall with the most gorgeous stray kitten,,,i tried everything to help this poor baby but no one wanted to know is there anyway i can try and get this kitten saved....please pass on any info to help this happen it has haunted me since i have been home....

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Our dog Lilly escaped from her dog sitter on the CV-758  at his house ( co ordinates : 38.56867,-0.198323) between 10pm & 11pm last night (24/07/2013). We searched the area all night, but couldn't find her. We have contacted the policia local, some of the kennels in the local area & some of the pet organisations that I found online. Lilly is chipped, spade and fully vaccinated. However she was mal-treated and is thus very scared and timid. She has never bitten anyone to our knowledge and is never aggressive. Her chip number is 977200008208337.We live near Barcelona, and are visiting here as we used to live in Vilajoyosa. We are supposed to be returning home on Saturday & are desperate to make sure Lilly is safe so any help would be mush appreciated.She is a mix of dog breeds. Looks very much like a beagle, but slighter & a little smaller. She is white with some brown patches on her ears, head and back. Shes a beautiful little dog.RegardsHannah (680804167) & Johnathan

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is there a problem with constant barking dogs around Alicante? may sound abit silly but I would like to know. fido

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I lost my beautiful cat Chanel in Calpe last tuesday 19/3 near Imperial Park. He never stayed out one single night....

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My little female black and white cat went missing two weeks ago from Gran Alacant. She is 12 years old and has been chipped. She was wearing a black plastic flea collar. If anyone knows anything about what happened to her please let me know. Her brother, who has never been without her, is pining for her to return.

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Hello, we are planning to move permanently to the Costa Blanca at the end of the year/Spring 2013 After some research Ive become aware that Staffordshire bull terriers/crosses are classed as potential dangerous dogs! Is this correct ? do we need to have him registered? What does this involve and how do I ensure a smooth transistion to our new home. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Ive read he will need to be muzzled and on a lead at all times in public. Such a shame, he is a great big softy, more at risk of a big lick than a bite :( He is currently 15 months, trained, vaccinated and microchipped, having his rabies vaccination tomorrow, so i can apply for his passport.

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Hola... Does anyone know where I can buy free range chickens in the alicante area. Cheers

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Missing - Little white dog - Westie. Is chipped but not in my name as I adopted him. Last seen Finestrat on Saturday 1st Sept. Answers to Jambo, although his birth name was apparently Roonie(FFS) so passport says Roonie.Was wearing a black leather collar. If you see him please post / message me. Please also ask your friends. Thanks. If possible please also post on or ask your friends.

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Hi, Has anyone used the pet friendly cabins on the Cap Finistere? were they ok? Thanks.

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Exactly this time last year we lost our treasured cat, he was young and very fit. The next door neighbour discovered him in their garden he had not been hit by a car, and had been dead maybe 5 days. Last week the same thing happened to our other cat he was found 50m from our house tucked away under a terrace and had died several days earlier. In both cases the cats never ventured far from our villa, were young and sharp. There seems to be a tend here at the hottest time of the year.My question and theory is could our cats have died from a snake bite ??

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Grey long-haired cat missing since Thursday evening, 23 August in Cami de la Cantera - top of the hill. This cat normally does not go far from home and does not wear a collar. He is very friendly and loves people. Any news please get in touch Thanks

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For the past week I have had a 3 ft long green iguana living in my palm trees, he comes down daily to eat my plants and doesnt seem bothered by my 3 dogs.I'm not sure if hes escaped or been dumped or if they can actually live in the wild here.Does anyone know anything about them.many thankscath

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We have been here in Spain for 6 years in that time we have rescued 40 dogs. People have left them at our gate and asked us to take them in etc. We have kept them all. We have a lot of land where they all play out during the day and have a brilliant life. They are all very well looked after and very happy. As are we, as we love all of them dearly. But last night the police arrived and said we wernt allowed to keep 40 dogs. They said we need to apply for some sort of licence. Does anyone know what this is. We are not a charity and pay for all of them ourselves. We dont sell them or breed them for money . We also have 23 pot bellie pigs some that we rescued 2 of which were pregnant at the time but were unaware. We have been told we are only allowed 3 at the most as pets. So the rest have to go. They said we would need a farmers licence for these if we wish to keep them . Does anyone know about that. Or is there anyone out there who would like a very friendly loving happy pig as a pet . Free to a very good home. Please call 965514216 or 634334103 or email charellen@hotmail.com. many thanks

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Hi does anyone know where i can get pygmy goats from in Spain. Alicante/ Valencia area.

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Is it true that it is against the law to allow dogs in restaurants in Spain and is there any ruling regarding outdoor eating places?

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