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I will be moving house soon and I have 3 cats that have always lived here in the same house. I am really worried about how they will settle in the new property. has anyone any good tips on how to make their move less stressful and safe for them.

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I have for the past two days taken my grand daughter to horse riding lessons in Sax... I found the school through an advert on here, just want to say how lovely it was and that my granddaughter can´t wait to go back to pony club on Saturday Thanks a lot Bev Janice

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UTOPIACATS has kittens and adult cats of all colours waiting for a loving family. Our cattery is full and we would love them to have a special Christmas in a home with the attention they deserve.For an adoption, please call Cathy at 654-88-61-08, or if you can't adopt now, you can still help us with donations of cat food, litter, blankets or a few euros are always appreciated.Don't forget to check our blog at http://utopiacatsadoptions.blogspot.com/We hope to hear from you soon!

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Does anyone know which airlines fly cats to the UK from Alicante and a rough price please? Luton is my prime destination but any London airport considered.

started by: Grebo-586898 · last update: 1287335266 · posted: 1287264533

Can any one give me directions to it ? I will be coming from Alicante & have no idea where MiHobby is! Please....

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Hello Everyone, We are going to be moving to the area this year and would be interested to know if anyone can recommend a good boarding kennels for our dogs when they need to go in. Many Thanks Jackie

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Does anyone know the rules on permissions/licenses for boarding kennels here in Spain?

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Can anyone tell me where the nearest dog charity is to San Miguel de Salinas?

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2 beautiful dogs found in Costa Nova, Javea, but as you know, when dogs are lost, they travel far and wide.Not from the same home, 1 (female)has been lost for at least 3 weeks and is skin and bones, the other (male) a maximum of 48 hours at time of posting and obviously a very well cared for and loved dog.The female is a pointer, mainly black with white markings,very gentle face. The male is multi colured white, brown and black, medium length hair, rather short and long, very,very friendly. He was wearing a standard silver coloured choke chain with blank plaque.Neither are chipped. For photos/more info please call 696746091 (leave a message if I don't answer, I can't pick up while working) or e mail kimberley@zumbacostablanca.com Please tell your friends, they could have travelled from anywhere. Thanks.

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Hi, Anyone know the rules regarding dogs on the South Costa Blanca beaches, Guardamar, Torre and La Mata for example? Cheers

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We are spending the winter months in Spain this year and will bringing with us our Staffordshire Bull Terrier. She is microchipped and has the necessary vaccinations / Pet Passport etc. She is the friendliest dog in the world, but to our horror we have discovered that her breed is on the "Dangerous Dog List" in Spain. We do not have Spanish residency, but does anyone know if we are still obliged to register her with the Town Hall / Police whilst we are in Spain? Any advice / help would be appreciated as we obviously do not want to risk falling foul of the Spanish law.

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I am looking for an english-speaking breeder of Pomeranians (Not toy size).

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Area Monte Pego Urbanisation Name: Cleo Size: Small Colour: Red Tan, a little white on her chest Description: Curly bushy tail and dark eyes and she is wearing a blue collar. One of her ears is bent. She escaped on Saturday, 17 July and is heavily pregnant or she could have had the puppies already. Mob: 688 697 987 Tel: 966 481 058

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I have a Dalmation and an English Setter/Spanial. I have to work 8 hours in the day and I have nowhere to put them. I need someone with a garden. It is only temporary as I shall be moving in 2 weeks. I am in a very bad financial sitation so I could not afford to pay anyone. In addition to this my other dog went missing on Saturday night having escaped and she is heavily pregnant. Small Pekinese/Chiwaua mix, Red Tan, one ear bent, a little white on her chest with a blue collar. I live on the Monte Pego Urbanisation near Els Poblets. So if anyone has taken her in please contact me.

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does anyone know of a english speaking vet in the caen region of france need passport doing for my dog thank you patty

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Saw a piece in today's RTN saying that at the moment people in Rojales can get their dogs vaccinated for rabies(v. important) at a reduced rate until 30th June,. Has anyone got any further info on this as I have some friends on low income who'd like to take advantage of the offer.

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I am hoping to help the poor street cats of Guardamar, a programme of neutering to begin with. If you live in Guardamar care about animals have some time to spare and would like to join me please eamil me at gatosguardamar@hotmail.com I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for reading this posting mary

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we have 3 baby rabbits and the mother has abandoned them. if anyone has any experience regarding what i should feed them, where i can purchase it in spain etc ... please contact me.

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Does anyone have any personal reccomendations for a dog pelequeria in Quesada or surrounding area? Thanks in advance.

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I have a friend who is desperately in need of some financial help as he has just been ordered to get all his rescue animals including 2 horses, 3 donkeys and 5 dogs registered and vaccinated. He has taken on these animals of his own accord and has been fending for them from his own pocket, but if he dosen´t get help immediately, these animals will be taken away and destroyed.Can anyone help??

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