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If you need to get away in the summer, but prefer to leave your animals at home....I can house/pet sit.Reliable, very trustworthy woman available.please email me directly.

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My German Shephard Baron recently died from old age and I am desperate to get another puppy. Are there any professional GSD breeders in the area? charlie

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im looking to find a horse to ride to get rid of my pregnancy weight and fit in my bikini again does anyone need help exercising as i cant afford to pay for lesson but willing to mukk out and feed in exchange riding since i was 5 and im now 25 but not ridden in a few yrs and now ready to get back on the horse ha ha ha please call 965757780

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Hi...my friend lives near me on the edge of Moraira and she is looking to take a Belgian Shepherd dog back to Germany and she will need the dog to have; hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvo-virus, distemper and rabies jabs...would anyone know of the most reasonably priced vet surgery to have these injections...in the Moraira/Calpe area?? thanks; Vanessa and Yana

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I am currently looking after my parent's cat and the worst thing has happened, she seems to have gone missing. Last seen on Sunday 28th Feb, she has not been back to the apartment since then. This isn't like her and I'm really worried. If you live in the area please check any sheds, garages or outbuildings just in case she has been shut in by mistake. If anyone has any information please phone 654778866 or send me a PM via the link above. Suzi is grey, with blue eyes and does not wear a collar. See the link for a photo : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1115341&l=6515355008&id=524005015

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Does anyone know of a supplier of Arion dried dog food in the Costa Blanca North area, please? Thanks Yvonne

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The K9 animal charity is desperately in need of fosterers and new homes for stray and unwanted dogs if you can look after a dog for a while or give one a permanent home please call Mark on 676447682

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Does anyone know of a dog kennels in the Benissa area please?Many Thanks

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I am looking for English speaking dog training classes that i can go to withmy puppy Shar Pei. We live in BENIDORM but I cant find any training courses local. Does anyone know of any please.

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Home offered for a young toy or very small male dog if you can help please send details to Patersonjj@aol.com thank you

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I am planning to start keeping chickens(for eggs and as pets) and looking for any advice from anyone who knows about it- also if anyone has any equipment they'd like to sell or give away please get in touch.

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hi im 25 yrs old and been riding since i was 5yrs and working around horses since 10 yrs old helping out in local yard for rides full time head groom from 16yrs also ex vet nurse im looking to exercise horses to get rid of pregnancy weight. My lil boy is 6 months old and i still cant shift any weight. I used to weigh 54 kilos or less but during pregnancy i went up to 85 kilo im now 74 kilos and want to loose at least 15 kilos. looking for horse to ride on a regular basis not afraid to do yard work either but as im not working cannot afford to pay for lessons or hacking. so if anyone has a horse and not enough time to exercise please call me experience with all types of horses 965757780

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WE are looking to give a non neuted german shepherd male a good home, if you know of anyone wanting to re home one no older than 2 years old please contact us, we live in the country and can give him an excellent home, a puppy is also an option, must be long haired, as we would like to breed with him eventually he will have a large garden out in the country side to run around in and will be well cared for please email me on lyndabmack@yahoo.com we are moving to bedar near mojacar in january and want him from them

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K9 animal charity has an up coming project to tile their cat sanctuary for the rescue cats. This will make it easier to clean and more hygienic. They need donations of tiles to help complete this- if you have boxes of tiles hidden away which you don't need, then why not donate them to this good cause? They also require donations of food, bedding, and people who are willing to volunteer their time to help out. To read more about k9, check out http://www.petsinspain.info/

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hello can anyone recomend any good dog kennels on costa blanca north around moraira

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We require a pet sitter for 1 small adult dog from around December 2009 - February 2010, whilst we await for her passport to come through. Experience essential. For more information, contact me. Thanks

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Hi Does anyone know where I can buy two tortoises please? Thanks

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I saw some maginificently coloured birds flying around in the campo the other day but couldn't idetify them- I wondered if they could be parrots but my husband said they looked more like pigeons? Or perhaps there is a very colourful breed of pigeon here?

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I can't believe the costs involved in transporting animals back to UK! I have a mini yorkshire terrier who is coming back to UK with me next month. I have been quoting between 500-600 pounds by pet transport companies! My husband is already working in UK and I think it would be cheaper for him to drive over and pick our little chap up! Does anyone have any recommendations or ideas how best to get him home?

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Please can anyone help. I have a dog of my own and two foster dogs from Animal Aid. They sleep in the house at night, they are never left in the garden if we go out, if they poo in the garden it is cleaned and discinfected at once. If we leave the house they are always on the lead and never ever pee or poo in the Residencia. They have all the right documentation and injections. However, if someone walks past our house they bark, we stop them at once and usually keep the wrejas closed so they can see but not run into the garden. My Mum lives with us and so the dogs are rarely left alone. My neighbour hates us, Mum and the dogs and I am frightened that she will denounce us, can anyone out there give me any advice of anything else we can do or if we are doing anything wrong. If they where insescant barkers I would consider barking collars but they aren't. This is a long term vendetta and I don't want the dogs to be the victims! please help Spiritsmum

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