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Hello,My partner and I are moving back to England the end of the month, 3 weeks ago we had a kitten from a friend who's cat had a litter, we didn't intend to be going back home but due to medical reasons we have to go back straight away. My friend cannot have the kitten back as she already has a house full, so we are looking for someone who has the time and love to take care of her. She is 11 weeks old, is a white and tan colour, tan around her face and her tail is a tan tabby effect, she is beautiful. She is a very loving kitten she loves hugs and kisses, loves to play, we have a small 4 year old terrier and they get on like a house on fire, if we could have stayed for six months longer I would have gotten her passport and taken her back with us, without a doubt. She comes with everything, Litter Tray & LitterFood dishes & foodNice Scratching postCarry CaseBed & toysIf anyone is interested in adopting this lovely little girl please get in touch, I can email photos if you require.Please no time wasters, just people who are really interested as I want her to have a good home where she is well looked after.We are in the Albir area.Many thanks

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Hi, I've been told that dogs aren't allowed on public beaches at certain times of the year, which is fair enough. Can anyone give me the definitive dates when dogs can use the beaches ( I've seen them on the beaches already) I've been told Oct. 1st, Nov. 1st and Dec. 1st. Can anyone please give me the correct dates inc. when the period of use ends? Cheers

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Any lost a lovley Alsation Bitch she's back and forth to Los palacios for a few days. We are just trying to get her to check for chip but if she's yours please email asap

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My dog is very nervous and can be difficult to groom. Can anyone recommend a dog groomers that is confident with dealing with more difficult dogs?

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Wanted bric a brac and good quality clothing for the K9 Animal charity shop at La Marina. All donations appreciated

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I am a volunteer for k9 animal charity and just wanted to let people know that they are really desperate for all kinds of help at the moment- Could you foster a dog or cat? even just short term will help, as there are so many homeless animals now that need somewhere to stay. Can you donate dog or cat food, cat litter? Every little helps! Could you offer your time in other ways- maybe you could help with putting posters up in your area or by fundraising? for more info and contact details see the website http://www.petsinspain.info/

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My name is Tia And I’d like to meet a Special person who can give me a loving home My mum and dad are never at home And I’m so so alone I’m sorry, so sorry if I sound like I moan I’m full of love But heavens above I’ve got no one to…. well …… give love I’m a good hearted girl With a heart like a pearl But inside my heart feels like a stone I’d like to wake each day To face that says hey Today is gonna be great I’d like cuddles and maybe even a kiss A piece of the jigsaw that I really miss I promise to return this amazing gift If you have the space and time And you’d like to be mine My world would be big and bright again Tia needs a new home as her owners circumstances have changed. They are out all day and sometimes the night working and are anxious about the affect this is having on her. Tia is a Podenco cross with big beautiful eyes and a honey coloured coat. She is very loving and will make a really good and loyal friend to have. She will need a little time and patience, but she has proven that with the right kind of attention and love that she will be a dedicated and caring companion to have around you. Please call Lyn on 966 180 058 for more details or email back if you require any photos

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She is a white Bijon Frise, 9yrs old, very placid, has very few needs apart from being taken for walks,& feeding. She has all her injections, a pet passport etc...My father is in hospital and will need care when he comes out and his long term prospect is not good so he will not be in a position to attend to Chloe's needs. My mother who is 79yrs is mentally deteriorating and is unable to walk far due to thrombosis in her legs. It is very sad that they have to find a loving home for Chloe who they have had since she was a puppy (brought from the UK) and she has been well cared for, loved in the past but this will not be the case in the future. She is fine with adults, children and other animals as long as they are not too boisterous. She deserves a good home. If anyone would like to take Chloe and wants to see a picture of her, send me an e mail debbie.wenn@hotmail.com or telephone me on 966180035. I am here for another 2 weeks to try and sort out my parents, nursing etc. They live in the Torrevieja area. Many thanks

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Some of you will know that in the last 8 years we have rescued, saved and given a home to about 24 cats, 4 dogs and 3 canaries, and supported local animal charities (not going to name them) with donations, gifts and charity events etc. Well the economic situation has caught up with us and I am asking for some help for myself now, I have a lovely 3 year old little dog who I love to bits but foolishly didnt get speyed and this time a visitor in the night broke down the fence entered the garden and had his wicked way with my dog, who escaped through the cat flap (the power of love!)!! Now she is becoming a little fat dog and I cannot afford to get her "sorted out" at the moment, another one of my dogs died last week, we had raised her and her 2 brothers by hand after we found them in a field in December last year, they were about 3 days old. Her treatment before she died cleared out my "doggy fund" and my "human fund" is pretty low too! What do I want? a name of a nice vet or charity that would do the op and allow me to pay it back a bit at a time, if you can help plaese let me know, I really dont want a couple more mouths to feed but I could not have them destroyed once they were born.

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A spanish friend of ours is desperate to rehome his dog. He is not allowed to have pets where he lives and until now this 9 year old dog has lived at his parents however they now will not keep him as they are in poor health. This is a genuine case where the owner wants to do the best for his best friend. He canot afford to pay kennel fees as he works in the building trade and is very short of jobs, This guy spends his last few euros to feed his dog before himself. His dog is very good with chidren and other animals he is a cross between a collie and a husky black and white. If you can help please email or post and we will put you in touch.

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A beautiful 17 month old pepper and salt, female, minature schnauzer is looking for a new home. She is fully passported and ready to travel. Price 500 euros call on 663540300

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loving home needed for milly a 6 year old brindle boxer/bulldog cross, she as a lovely nature, excellent with children and other animals. also home needed for sarafina a 3 year old siamese cross cat, she as beautiful blue eyes and grey and white coat, she also as a lovely nature. we are returning to england.

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At the K9 Club on the Costa Blanca we need people that like to be around animals to help by becoming a foster carer. More and more pets are being abandoned and we need people to foster a lost or abandoned dog or cat temporarily. Help,us to help the animals.

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HiCan any one shed some light on a situation I find myself in ?Regarding a howling dog !two houses down is a property that has a poor dog(red setter type) in a kennel all day and all night i believe he is never walked or has any company.He howl's (heart rending) in the morning and at night for hours.From what i can gather it is an empty property whereby a maintence man visits only to feed the dog.I imagine this dog is lonely and calling out for company .By law is there any thing I can do ?I feel like sneaking in and letting him free but i guess his life would be harder on the streets.Any suggetions??

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We just got another lovely dog to foster. Billie is lovely and we are sure will find a new family very soon. In the mean time can any loan us a stair gate so that we can keep him apart from our cat suzy, she usually get on fine with the dogs we forater but billie wants to friends and she does not. We don't want to shut eother of them in anywhere so thought a stair gate on the door between the rooms would do the job thanks PS. Rojales area but will collect from further a field if not to far!

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Hi A couple of days' ago a turtle was abandoned on our doorstep. Apparently it's a red eared slider. Someone found it wandering down the road and thought it was our tortoise, which is why they decided in the first place to 'rescue' it and then to leave it for us. We have no facility for keeping a turtle - no pond and nowhere to put one. He/she is currently living in the bath. Is there anyone out there who could give yet another stray a home please? We live in La Nucia. Thanks........... Maddy

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My friend has to work very long hours now, due to the current climate, and cannot cope with the situation any longer. Johnny her 9 month old dog is left alone alot and Margaret feels he would benefit greatly from a new loving home where he can be looked after and played with. She does not want him to go to the dogs home as she is afraid he will be put down. He has an excellent temperament, all injections etc. If someone who knows the breed (he's more Staff than anything!) can help, please call Margaret 677318958 La Nucia area

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Saw a bird when out for a walk in Formentera del Segura the other day but I don't know what it was. Has lots of colour- green and bright yellow- with a pointed beak and it flew kind of like a swallow. Any ideas?

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A friend of mine is concerend about the above. His lovely Staffy Bitch is a well trained well mannered girl but he fears he may have to muzzle her because of the law here, is this the case?

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My friend is reluctantly seeking a new home for her dog Johnny. She is unable to care for him as she is now working very long hours (needs must) has little money after the bills have been paid and is desperate for someone to give him a loving home. He is a 9 month old Staffie cross (more Staffordshire than anything else) and has an excellent temperament. We would love to find someone who has experience with Staffs to take him on as he really deserves it. Can send photos.Please if you think you can help please call Margaret 677318958

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