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My name is Tia and I am about a year old. I’m a very pretty Podenco cross and have a honey brown coat and big brown eyes. I have a loving nature and want someone to love me back. I am praying for a new home. My mum and dad adopted me and took me into their home but their circumstances have changed a lot now. They have to work all the hours of the day that they can and do not have time for me anymore. I’m left alone a lot now and that makes me unhappy. My mum and dad are also very unhappy as well. Is there someone out there who could love me enough to give me a new home and spend time with me – I promise to love you back. Please call Aunty Lyn on 966 180 058 or Aunty Maddie on 966 764 651

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Hi I have a disabled miniature dachshund so am looking buy a pet stroller / dog buggy. Does anyone know where I can buy one from thanks.

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can anyone look after my dog for a few months while i have my baby new mum so its a bit scary dont want to but my partner has told me its for the best she is a 4 yr old staffy n she is the best trained dog she loves children and other animals as we have a cat who also needs a home and they are best of friends can anyone look after her 6 months or something not sure yet

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We adopted two abandoned dogs about 6 weeks' ago. They're very happy with us, but at the moment we can't let them off the lead for fear of them running away. It has happened once when we took them for a walk to an area not visited by ourselves, but they obviously knew it. Our vet thinks they were on their own for a considerable time, so they're used to surviving alone. We're looking for somewhere we can let the dogs run free but that is secure, so that we can train them properly. Any ideas please? thank you. Also, there are many stray cats around where we live (and everywhere I guess). For the last few days there's a kitten who continually miaows all day and all night. I can't get it to respond to me and against everyone's advice have left out food and drink. It seems that the mother cat has simply thrown this kitten out. Does anyone know if this is usual? There are a few more in the litter. I don't know how many. the kitten doesn't seem to be hurt, just upset. thank you again. Maddy

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hi were kiki the staffie and mugsy the cat we will both be 4 this yr we are looking for a loving home as mummy is having a baby and wont have enough time to look after us mugsy lives indoors is house trained and enjoys friskies, cuddles with kiki and mummy and daddy and playing games kiki is house trained and will always wait for her walk she enjoys cuddles runs on the rocky beaches and sqweeky toys shes very obedient and has many tricks and loves trips in the car she likes to be with you all the time if you have the time space and love we need please contact our mummy

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We are a hardworking, dynamic couple in our 30's looking for generous, open minded, animal loving investors. We have a dream to establish and open up stray/boarding kennels/cattery. In our many experiences of travelling in Europe we have seen the vast problem of stray and unwanted animals. Our emphasis being on dogs and cats. We find this deeply saddening and upsetting. We have visited several stray animal sancturies and have been touched by the hardwork and dedication of the workers but the ever increasing problem means there is never enough room and money to cope with the numbers. We would love the opportunity to help these stray animals with somewhere safe to stay until a new home is found. Unfortunately this is a project we cannot yet afford to fund ourselves. We are looking for likeminded animal lovers who may be able to help us fund this rescue centre by providing a property/land and financial backing. We both have lots of experience in caring for animals. If there is anyone out there who think they may be able to help please get in touch

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Hi,can anyone reccomend a vet in the Denia area to arrange pet passports for my cats. Also looking for someone to take 2 cats into their own home for me in August for 3 or 4 weeks. Will pay kennel rates to the right person.Thanks

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I will pay kennel rates to cat lover to take my 2 cats into their own home for 3/4 weeks in August.

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We have French Bulldog Puppies looking for new homes. Contact us if you can give a home to one of these puppies.

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Hi, I live in Albir and Im going away in june for 2 weeks. I am looking for a pet sitter for my 1 year old French Bulldog. Anybody no anyone?

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Border Terrier puppies for sale. Excellent pedigree, good temperament, fantastic with children. Both parents are kennel club registered and can be seen. 3 dogs, all blue. Ready for release mid June. 300 € For more info please call Karen on 627 396 649 Javea Area

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Hello all,Please keep your eyes peeled for POPPY, my Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch who went missing in the Javea/Benitachell area on the 10th of April. I was in Javea on holiday for a fortnight and had to suddenly go back to the UK because my Mum died. I entrusted my dog to a couple who regularly keep dogs for people, and unfortunately she ran off.I spent the remaining days back in Javea after the funeral going to all the pounds, police stations (even the dump to see if her body had been picked up) all to no avail.Sadly I have now had to come back home to France, and my little Poppy is still loose somewhere in Spain.....She is 5 years old and is wearing a black leather collar with a metal medallion inscribed with my surname & my home phone number in France.She is micro chipped, but with a British identichip, so I'm not sure if the Spanish authorities will be able to access my details should they find her.Poppy is a good dog, but is very wary of strangers, and I fear that a week or so in the wild will have spooked her irremediably...Please let me know at mapbesson@wanadoo.fr if you see her or can give me any information that might help me find her. We really miss her.Thank you very much,Amanda Besson

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2 adult abandoned dogs (different places) require permanent homes please. 1. Female 2 year old pointer liver & white. She is friendly likes kids & dogs but no tried with cats. 2. Small (6.5/7kg) 2 year old mainly black X breed. Loves cuddles, likes kids, a bit jealous of other dogs but living in my house with my dog but hates cats. Please help me home these dogs.

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Hi does anyone know of a boarding kennels in the area of javea which has a good repretationmany thanks

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Hello We have 2 gorgeous hand reared 3 month old tortie (mix coloured) little girl kittens who desperately need a new home. They have been hand reared and are currently with foster mum but they now need a new home and family to call their own. They have been blood tested and are up to date with all their vaccinations. It would be lovely if they could be homed together but, if needs be, they can go separately. If you need any further information please email me or call Val on 965 750 050 Many thanks AJ

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Barney, Jake & Pablo last seen in Tesoro Park around 3.30pm on Friday 17th April. Assumed to be heading towards Les Fonts / Benitachell area via Calle Mark Twain but really, anything is possible. All would have been together but could now be separated. There has been no sign of any of them since this time, we have walked and driven everywhere we can think of, several times over.This is tearing our family apart. These are family pets who love their home comforts. The only reason they are not here now is a) they got very lost or b) they were taken by somebody who for some reason has not reported it.Maybe they are trapped somewhere, shut in a garden. There has been thunder last night and today and Barney will have been going frantic as it scares him. So do fireworks.Descriptions (+ please see photo):BARNEY: Golden Retriever, 4 years old, Golden colourJAKE: Golden Retriever, 18 months old, White colourPABLO: Cocker Spaniel, 12 months old, BrownAll had collars, but no tags, all are microchipped.They are FRIENDLY and will not hurt you, Pablo is timid around strangers. Please help me get them back, it's breaking our hearts.Please invite all your friends that live in Javea or surrounding areas to this group. The more people that know the better. They have to be out there somewhere.REWARDI cannot afford much, but I will do anything to have them back and will sell things to raise a reward if I have to. I work in IT and will sort out your computer for free for ever if you find them.CONTACTMy mobile 687 844 326My parents 966 462 621My Mums mobile 687 770 951Jo Hardaker 965 796 082Benitachell and Javea police can also be contacted, as can APASA in Javea. Benitachell police: 608 96 25 67Thank you.FACEBOOK GROUP HERE http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=71587029614&ref=mf href="http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=71587029614&ref=mf" rel=nofollow target=_blank>www.facebook.com/group...614&ref=mfhttp://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1797560&l=e83a0e3afe&id=551257338 href="http://www.facebook.com/photo...=551257338" rel=nofollow target=_blank>www.facebook.com/photo...=551257338

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we live in hondon and looking for some good kennels for our 3 dogs, must also do day care so we can leave them just for the day

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Hi,We are interested to know if there is a demand for house and/or pet sitters in the Costa Blanca. We would be keen to hear from anyone who would use sitters, has used sitters in the past, would be prepared to pay for house/pet sitting services or prefer free arrangements.....your experiences and/or expectations, thoughts and advice would be appreciated.Thanks in advance!Tracy & Della

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Two abandoned dogs have been living on waste ground near to us for a while. At first it was just the one, but for the last few days a smaller dog had joined him and theyve become inseparable. I suppose a case of 'us against the world'. Several people as well as ourselves were feeding them and finallly, on Saturday a lady's grandson a street away from us coaxed them to her home. She couldn't keep them as she already has 3 bitches. Thankfully, the 'grapevine' worked and yesterday afternoon she knocked on our door. The dogs are now here and they're both just wonderful. As it's easter and no vets open, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a question re micro-chipping. I know it's law here to have a dog chipped, but what happens to an abandoned dog? If they're chipped - legally are we oblilgated to contact the owner? These dogs are so thin .... thanks. We will be at the vets tomorrow but like always I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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we live in torrevieja and looking for someone to groom our 2 dogs, any recomendation 689207184 colin colin

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