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Hi just wanted to know are you still looking for a small dog on loan for ur kids ??? I have a 3 month old cocker spaniel and I don't want to give her up i have to return back to England due to parents ill health and cannot wait for her because of all legal issues with transportation. I am looking for someone to look after her on a short time basic will return back to Spain in March/April. I have 3 small children age 2yrs and she is very good with them so is so beautiful and so loving she loves cuddles and is very affectionate and faithful never leaves ur side. I am HEARTBROKEN about leaving her and want to return back ASAP that why i am asking for any help please let me know if anyone could help me i would be so grateful PLEASE GIVE ME A CALL ...TEL 675880293 Nikki anthonyanthony

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Hi, I am looking to earn some extra money (ain't we all) I have a house on a 2 acre site near Bennisa which is fully enclosed. I was thinking of starting a dog holiday camp, perhaps the owners are going away or they are ill ,they can bring there dog to me where it will be well cared for in a home inviroment. would anyone be interested in this? Is this a good idea or have I gone compleatly barking mad? sq

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Would anyone like a lovely little kitten - found whilst walking the dog - who won't be amused if the kitten is kept. Costa Blanca North. Email if interested.

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Having has an anxious two days over a friends dog I just wanted to say what an excellent idea this chips are it brought Jack home safe and sound . I believe most if not all vets can provide this service.

started by: redharry · last update: 1221128719 · posted: 1220787344

Disappered last night will be frighted due to firework display, Lovely wee brown dog called jack please look around and email if you see a sandy brown dog looking lost in the area.

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pups for sale we are hoping to have a fine litter of pups from our family douges lilly/tyson lilly (debinal soft tail duece) is a great loving family douge who is also a great mother as excellent blood lines and great temperment. tyson (beauxchiens hercules) is grandson of the infamous (temple felson) world champion who is considered by experts to be one of the best douges in history,tyson is a big male and knows he is,his guarding instincts are second to none and protects the family with pride.tyson his 22mths and 11st he has excellent bloodlines. so if your looking for a proper dog that will love you and protect you and your family look no further,these dogs are the best family dogs you can get thier loyal companoins that think they are one of you and love anything you do , if you have never owned a bordeuax please look up the breed and find out that everything i have told you is true,please email for any info you require

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Many of you may have read the recent stories in the local newspapers regarding a dog pound called Cereco. K9 Club have been rescuing dogs from this place for nearly a year and we have now got a website where you can read some of the stories about these poor animals including the Bichons we rescued (all of which have happy endings), you will also be able to look through some of the animals we have up for adoption. www.petsinspain.info Yvonne K9 Club

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what chance do i have of finding long term dog friendly let while i look for a house to buy i have 4 rhodesian ridgebacks ,large, bone idle,an quiet barking uses too much energy di

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I live in the los Palacios area of Formentera and we seem to have a cat collar robber around. Lots of us have had the collars taken from our cats its very annoying, also very expensive as the anti flea etc. collars go as well as the fancy ones. Just cost me 30 euros for my three girls.

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i want to set up stables and kennels for horses and dogs around the costa blanca who have problems. Abandoned or have disabilities and behavioral problems. I would provide horse riding and care and animal care and behavior courses so this problem would become less on the costa blanca as people learn how to care for animals properly but i need someone or a group of people to donate money to make this happen can anyone help

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Hansom 16hh bay gelding for full or part loan. due to lack of time . Needs confident rider. loves jumping hacking out alone or in company schooling Stabled in Gata with first class facilities. sz

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I live in Rojales and want to get a dog from one of the rescue centres. Where is the closest to Rojales? I saw the article in Coastrider about the one in Crevillente but feel it would be too upsetting to go there.

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Urgent Due to personal circumstances, we have to return to England and cannot take our pets with us. Can anyone give a good home to Spud, a three year old small terrier type dog, all vaccinations, passport etc, lovely nature, very affectionate and Tigger, a three year old ginger boy cat, both love company and good with children.

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Does anyone know if there's track in the North Costa Blanca where I can take my dog lure coursing?

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Dear All: We are a mixed marriage (ESP UK) and for working reasons we have to leave the country for three years. We live in Valencia and have two cats (male female, 3 years old, sterylised, spayed, vaccinations updated) and the country we are moving we cannot take them. We have been trying in different places to place them with no success. The adoption can be permanent or till we come back in three years time (this case we will help with food and vet fees). We don´t want to put them to sleep but we don´t like the spanish habit to get them free to be stray cats. They are family cats and really friendly. Please help us because we are a bit desesperate in this matter. Celso email: celcar33@hotmail.com phone: 607397861Celso Carreiro

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Hi does anyone know of a kennels or cattery for sale many thanks

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for sale cheep iguana about 2 & 1/2 FEET long green and healthy 7 months old with heat mat tank and light la marina tel ricky on 634 867 186

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My daughter and her boyfriend have just taken in a street cat. Well a 4 month old kitten to be exact. The vet has checked Leo over and he is very healthy considering his start in life. Has anyone any tips on taming this lovely little cat?

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Yesterday whilst driving on the N332 between Calpe and Denia I found 2 tiny kittens in the centre of the road about 1/2 km apart They have clearly been dumped! I already have 2 cats (one of which is very aggressive with other cats) and am unable to take anymore. I have been in touch with 4 shelters, none of which has space to take them in. These adorable kittens are both boys, about 4 weeks old. One is black and one is a tabby with a white face. Both are gorgeous.I have taken them to the vets in Ondara who has told me that they are in perfect health (thankfully). As I am unable to keep them myself I am urgently looking for homes for them. I really dont want to have to have them put down but it will be my last resort if I cant find homes for them (sorry for the emotional blackmail but its the truth, even though it breaks my heart just to think about it)' If anyone thinks they are able to offer a nice warm home to these kittens please contact me on 676919105 or 965577250. Alternatively email me on shellyk29@hotmail.com I live in the Denia/Javea area. I also have some photos of the kittens i could email if you wish to see them Kind Regards Shelly

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To any other French Bulldog owners/enthusiasts :) or English Bulldog owners too......would you be interested in forming a walking group in the Costa Blanca North area? Many thanks

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