Counselling & Therapists

Tony Poulter
NLP Practioner and Hypnotherapist-for help with weight control, smoking, phobias, counselling, life coaching and motivational skills for personal business or sports development, located in Sant Pere Pescador. C/Del Bon Aire 8, 17470.
Centro De Dia De Salud Mental De Pltja DAro
Psychiatric clinic, specialising in alcohol and drug abuse, all advice is confidential. Bruselles, s/n Castell Platja de Aro, Girona.
Frank Symons
Psychologist offering individual, couples and family therapy. Free initial interview in Spanish, English and Catalan. Located in Tamariu, Palafrugell.
Lidia Linenberg
Psychologist offering life coaching, trauma, grief and emotional counselling for all age groups.
Natural Therapies
English hypnotist qualified to eradicate unwanted habits or behaviours, to gain relief from a specific emotional issue or to simply have more self-confidence. Based in Torroella de Montgri.
Paloma Azpilicueta, Clinical Psychologist & Psychotherapist
Female Psychotherapist with 40 years experience. Psychodynamic orientation. Adults, children & adolescents. English, Spanish & Catalan. At Centre de Psicologia de Mataro, Cami Ral 552, 2n 1a, 08302 Mataro.
Buscarons & Matas
Medical practice, specialising in addiction problems of all kinds. Alcohol, drugs, annorexia, and any psycosis. Calle Manel Quer, 6-8 Escala B Atic, 17002, Girona.
Juliet Chubbock
Speech and language therapy to the English speaking community. Also, "Accent Modification" sessions using therapy-based techniques with non-native English speakers to improve intonation and accent, to enable them to communicate more clearly.
Fertilidad Natural
Specialists in fertility and pregnancy, acupuncture and natural medicine. The clinics are located in Cerdanyola and Barcelona
Counselling Terminal Ilness and Bereavement
Counsellor qualified in bereavement and terminal illness, support for all the family based in North Costa Blanca I work with MABS and cancer care and have a private business. A problem shared is a step in the right direction.
Susan Baker Psycologist
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (USA). Over 25 years experience in family, couples and individual therapy. Treatment tailored for each client to help resolve problems as quickly as possible. English, Spanish and Catalan spoken. Based in Girona.