Clinica Dental Siques
Surgery without sutures, implants, dentures in 24 hours, emergency appointments. Calle Vern, 9 (plaza Catalunya), 17004 Girona.
Clinica Ubiversitaria De Navarra
Dental practice and Dental college. Students who practice on patients recieve reduced rates. Telephone for appointment. Avda. Pio XII, 36, 31008 Pamplona.
Jose Luis Nadal Faig
Dentist and orthodontist. Specialising in teeth reconstruction, whitening, implants and general dentistry. Avenida Costa Brava, 24, 17320 Tossa de Mar
English Dentist Dr Nicholas Jones
Treatments include general dentistry, aesthetic dentistry, smile improvements, tooth whitening, orthodontics and implants. Emergency service. In Girona.
Jose Luis Blasco Villegas
Dental practitioner and Orthodontologist. Specialising in route canal and denture work. Avenida Costa Brava, 19, 17320 Tossa De Mar
Clinica Dental Suis
Swiss style dental clinic, relaxed atmosphere, music and calming lighting. Emergency number, 618 363 046 Avenida S´agaro, 15 - 17, 2º B, 17250 Platja del Aro