Nursery Schools, Creche & Kindergarten

Llar DInfants Pandara
Nursery school for children from 0 - 3 years. Home made food is made for the children. Opens early till late evening to accomodate working parents. Calle Sant Miguel 20, 17003 Girona.
Llar Dinfants El Bressol
Nursery which will accept non Spanish speaking children to age of 3 years. C/Les Sorres, 34. Olot, Girona.
El Petit Lord
Creche with 24 hour service. Calle Marques de Caldes de Montbui 120, 17003 Girona
Santa Teresa Llar dInfants
A Guarderia (Kindergarten) for children aged 0 to 3 years based in Palafrugell on the Costa Brava at Caritat, 50 Palafrugell.
Escola dEducacio Infantil
Municpal nursery based in the centre of the town of Begur. 8.45 - 13.00 morning session 15.00 - 16.45 afternoon session. Lunch and sleep on site available. C/Bonaventura Carreras,11 17255 Begur.