Winter Sports, Skiing & Boarding

Espot Esqui Ski Resort
Alpine skiing. The resort is set deep within the Parc Nacional dAiguestortes i Estany de SantMaurici. Full resort services. Elevation 1,500-2,500m. Ctra. Berrade, 25597 Espot.
Lles de Cerdanya Ski Resort
Ski resort with facilities for Nordic skiing. Altitude 2,335m. Full range of ski resort services. Access Martinet de la Cerdanya-Lles de Cerdanya-Slopes. Cap del Rec, 25726 Lles de Cerdanya.
Port del Comte Ski Resort
Alpine skiing. Altitiude 2,400m. Full range of ski resort services and a ski school. Estacio Port del Comte, 25284 Coma, La Coma i la Pedra.
La Molina
This ski station has a ski lift; snow canons and a 4 seater chair lift. There is also a bar/cafeteria and a supermarket. Winter: 25th November to 1st May. Summer: 24th June to 11th September. Edifici Telecabina, s/n, 17537 La Molina
Escola Snowboard Val dAran
Snowboarding school for beginner to advanced snowboarders. Salardu.
Sant Joan de l`Erm Ski Resort
Nordic skiing and snowshoe walking. Access: N-260 to Monferrer-Castellbo. Tunel Cadi to La Seu-Monferrer. Xalet Refugi La Basseta, Vila i Vall de Castellbo, 25712 Castellbo.
Boi Taull Ski Resort
Alpine ski resort located in the Lleida region of the Pyrenees. Full range of ski resort services. Access by road El Pont de Suert-Barruera, Boi Taull Mountain Resort. Contour elevations 2,020-2,750m. Pla de lErmita de Taull, 25528 Vall de Boi.
La Molina Ski Resort
Alpine skiing and snowpark. Altitude 2,445m. Full range of ski resort services. Access by road (N-1411) Tunel del Cadiand N-152, Edificio Telecabina Alp 2,500, 17537 La Molina.
Baqueira/ Beret Ski Resort
Spains largest alpine ski resort with apartments, apres-ski, cafeteria, bowling, shops, cinema, discoteque, skiing school. Access by road to Pont de Suert, Port de la Bonaigua, St. Beat-Fos. Baqueira Cota 1,500, 25598 Vaqueira.
Port-Aine Ski Resort
Alpine skiing, altitude 2,440m. Over 30 ski slopes; seven green, three blue, thirteen red, and seven black covered by nine lifts, childrens park and ski school. 25594 Rialp.
Snow Mobile
Snowmobiling in the Val dAran region. Signposted, authorised forest tracks in the company of a guide at all times. Stops for meals en route.
Tuixent-La Vansa Ski Resort
Cross-country ski resort with 32 Km of trails. Access: Solsona-Port del Comte-Berga-Llorenc Morunys-La Coma. Placa Serra del Cadi 1, 25717 Tuixen (Josa i Tuixen).
Vall de Nuria
Ski station operating in winter with a ski school and offers equipment hire, childrens snow park and medical service. Opens from 2nd December. Estacio de Muntanya Vall de Nuria, 17534 Queralbs.
Guils Fontanera Ski Resort
Nordic skiing. Altitude 2,080m. Full range of ski resort services. Access to the slopes by road from Guils railway station (Pigcerda). Aj. de Guils de Cerdanya, C/ Malet 15, 17528 Guils de Cerdanya.
Bosc de Viros
Cross country ski resort suitable for skiers of all levels. Bar/cafeteria, skiing school, restaurant. Aros, 25595 Llavorsi.
La Masella Ski Resort
Alpine skiing. Altitude 2,537m. Full range of ski resort services. Estacio Esqui Masella, 17538 Alp.
Aransa Ski Resort
Nordic ski resort. Altitude 2,150m. Bar/cafeteria, skiing school, equipment for hire, restaurant. Access: N-260 (Puigcerda-La Seu d`Urgell). Casa Rosell, 25726 Aranser (Lles de Cerdanya).
Tavascan-Pleta del Prat Ski Resort
Alpine and Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, ski trekking.Llocated in the Cardos Valley. 1 drag lift and 1 chair lift. 25577 Tavascan(Lladorre).