Building regulations in Begur (Girona)

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Does anyone have any knowledge on building regulations on the Costa Brava, I own a ground floor apartment in Sa Riera, Begur, Girona. we had an empty piece of land in front of our apartment block for over 40 years and suddenly this year 3 x 2 storey apartments are being built, now blocking any view I had and more importantly blocking our natural light. My question is can this be done, is it legal, is there anything I can do???RegardsPeter Welham


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If you have knowledge of the property going back 40 years you will recall the days when lots of properties were unregistered. This is absolutely not the case today. The builder/promotor will find it totally impossible to sell the flats if he doesn't have everything correctly in place. So he wouldn't start building unless he has permission. To the best of my knowledge the owner of the land next door can build provided his construction is (either 2 or 4 metres, don't remember) from the neighbours. Alternatively he can build right up against the neighbouring building, like in the town.

He is obliged by law to display a sign of "Llicencia d'obres" from the town hall and it will have the license number.

If you go to the town hall ask to speak to the "tecnico de urbanisacion". Nowadays they have this new system everywhere that you go to the reception and get a number, then wait till your number comes up on the screen. You need to insist on by-passing this because you need to go to "urbanisacion".

I think the construction will be all in order but the one thing they frequently "forget" is that there MUST be provision made to hang washing out of the view of neighbours.

The TECNICO (Technic in Catalan) will almost certainly speak English and provided you don't go in with bayonet fixed he/she will be helpful.

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