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Fiat Doblo available for sale at Girona Airport. Any Expat interest?

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Hello,I'm moving permanently to the UK in August 2021 and would like to buy a British registered car before driving up there.If there's any British citizen who needs to sell their British car this Summer, please be so kind to let me know. I'm now in the area of Catalunya.Thanks for your help.Judit Figueiras

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Hi All,I need to lease a small car in the Lloret area of Costa Brava for 7 months can anyone suggest or advise or help?Teresa Jones.

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Does anyone know the rules for owning a UK specification motorhome in Spain please?  Thanks for any advise.

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I need to transport my car from the airport in Malaga to Girona airport.Do not look forward to the 1100Km driveAny ideas

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Dear all,  Can anyone help us with ideas for where to park our car when we fly into Girona or Barcelona airport? we need to leave our car near to Girona airport for half  the year but then switch to parking near barcelina airpoirt in the wointer when we cannot fly in to Girona from england. Does anyone know of any companies that do reasonable arrangments for this- either just for Girona and/ or Barcelona airport? We come over nearly every month so best of all would be to have some sort of annual arrangment. best wishes, sarahnik

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A new depth of theft, beware of your wheels, people are going arround taking lead balances off your car wheels, its a small ammount of lead but if they do enoughcars in a street......it only takes a couple of seconds and you are driving with unbalanced wheels. Beware...France is near and they are stealing anything that they can and dissappearing over the border.

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Looking at Michelin satellite images there seems to have been some work done on building a road that would connect the C31 from north of Palafrugell to the GIP 6531 to Esclanya and Begur going round the north of the Poligon industrial estate. Does anyone know this area and can tell me whether this new road has been finished?

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Does any of the forum readers have info on the new rules for the roads that will be coming in soon? I was trying to make sense of an article in the spanish press but not sure whether I understood properly - are they putting up more radars and reducing the speed limit?

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Hello all Could someone tell me what the Spanish law is regarding towing trailers? Is there a limit on the weight for unbraked trailers? If so, what is it? If there is a fact sheet available that would be useful. Also does anyone know where I can find the information in Spanish? Thanks in advance for any replies.

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I have heard that their are great discounts on buying a new car ,inc a goverment scrapage package. Looking at buying a soft top . Any help

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Hi all, I am just wondering if any one else has come accross this situation. I got a fine in the post today (I had to sign for it) for 300€. It is for a speeding fine (apparantely from April) which has not been paid, so the penalties now add up to the 300€. I never received the original fine which i understand would have been for somewhere around 50 €. I have asked around and I have heard of 3 other people getting the same. 2of these people paid the 300€ and the other queeried it, was asked to sign to say they committed the offence and was then given an address to write to. The next thing they heard was a fine for 720€ (additiuonal penalties) and they were advised to pay this amount as the fine would just continue to increase! Now here's the thing, all of these cases are drivers/Spanish car owners with a British surname. All of the Catalan/Spanish people we have spoken to have never heard anything like it! Is this a scam to make more money as they know most of us Brits give up when trying to battle with the authorities? I'm sure I will end up paying the 300€ but I'm just interested to know if anyone else has heard of this?

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My Wife wants to buy a new SMY scooter 50cc near  Pals ,any good shops ? Do you need  road tax  for a 50cc ? Do they need  MOT when older , if so when Any advice are we mad  

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Not sur if I am on the right Forum. I am wondering if anyone here kows of a place we can park a car for 3 weeks while we fly from san sebastien airport in march. I can't find a hotel that offers this as standard and the Airport are asking 185€!!! We were wondering if there was anyone who had a  a spare place in a yard etc. Camping with an empty pitch at that time of year? Any help or sugestions are welcome . thanks

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Me again! I'm looking for transport for guests of my Yoga Holiday in Cadaques this September 15th to 22nd.  Does anyone know of someone who could collect a group (probably 5-10)  from Girona airport and bring them to Cadaques on Sunday the 15th, then return them on Sunday the 22nd? Susan

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Can anyone explain to us what the law is here regarding using a trailer with your car? Can we just buy a trailer and use it or do we need to get some kind of permission?

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Hi, we were issued with a parking ticket during a recent visit to the Costa Brava.  Stupidly just didn't check when we pulled over in our motorhome to use the McD's wifi for 15 mins!  The ticket though is very little and with very little info on it!  Our van is UK registered, does anyone know what happens if the tickets are not paid quickly (or at atll!).  How rigidly are fines enforced? thanks

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How do I insure my British registered car in Spain? I´ve tried British companies online, but they only cover for about three months and it´s not enough.

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We've just registed a car as off the road as it has been scrapped, and I was wondering if there is any point trying to get a partial refund of the IVTM for this year?Its not a lot of money but these days anything is helpful! Anyone tried this or is it just wishful thinking? 

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Hi there, We are hiring a car at Barcelona airport this summer.  Can anyone tell me what the law is on children in the back of cars in Spain? ie does he need a booster seat or can he just use an adult seat belt? He is 10 years old, 145cm tall and weighs 35kg. I dont want the car hire firm to make us hire a booster seat at some ridiculous price if we dont need one!   Many thanks

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