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I have 2 girls, 12 and 10 years old, who want to go to Spanish speaking (not Catalan because they only speak Engl & Sp) overnight ski camp for 2-5 days in Pyrenees. I find websites but it's not clear about the overnight ones for kids, seems all I find are resorts with day classes. Please share if anyone has information. Thanks!

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I had a visit to the UK this year and was astonished to notice how rude everyone seemed to be, especially the young people. I am probably sounding like an old fogey here, but when I was a teenager, we held doors open to let other people pass, didn't push and shove in queues etc. I saw many instances of younger people being pushy and rude while I was in the UK. On the other hand, the young people here appear to be much politer (or maybe I have been lucky?) - they are more polite and perhaps a little more mature when dealing with other people. Has anyone ele noticed this?

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Hi,  I am trying to find out if there is a French School in the Costa Brava / Girona / Barcelona areas.   I woud be grateful for any information   Leigh

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Do the Scouts exist over here? Or something similar? My youngest has shown an interest in joining some sort of group to make friends and learn new skills, so any suggestions welcome.

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I have some childrens toys (girls) to donate. Does anyone know of a charity shop or similar where I can take them? Sant Feliu de Guixols/Platja D'Aro area.

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Dear FamiliesI am looking for a position of Mother'Help/Home Manager (Live In) in an English/Italian/French/Spanish or Portuguese Family in Switzerlandfor take care children Manage House and help parents in their daily life.I am ready to travel with parents and children is real desire and I speak French Portuguese and English, I am Portuguese woman lived in France and England. I have expériences, training, skills and referees in 3 families where I worked as Nanny/Mother'Help in the past. I have 39 years old.I am available during School'Holidays in Geneve in Switzerland where I will live and will work from 25th of August to 30 of June 2013.The first School Holidays are the 19th of October and I am available at this date.I am available too at the beginning of July 2013 for take care children, help you and travel with you.If you need more information, CV and referees, don't hesitate, contact me.Pixouna@yahoo.fr - Skype : Pixana4 - 0033 6 04 44 12 21.Best Regards.ANA

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My daughter is planning to get married in Spain. Friends of ours live in Ordis, near Figueras. Does anyone know which Town Hall/Court she has to apply for permission to get married there? Thanks

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I cam across this on Fb and thought that it may help ppl out what have kids hre. Its a parents group with kids in the area calld English-Speaking Parents' Association of Cataloniahttp://www.facebook.com/groups/142160869160193/

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Hi there,I am the mother of two wonderful chidren, aged 5 and 7 years old. Every year we take part in a handmade(by the children) christmas card swap, but the organiser is not doing one this year, so I am trying to find participants in different countries who would be interested. Basically what you do is this. 1. register your interest, stating ages of children and address. Then you will recieve a list of names and addresses. YOu have to make one card for each participating family, adn it is nice ot include a letter,poem,drawing about your own family traditions, or the traditions of the place you are currently living. I usually set up a world map, so that we can put pins in and see where the xmas cards are coming from. Each family would be responsible for sending a total of 5 cards.

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My question is I am over for the summer with my family and have gone too tourist Dr ,but very expensive can you use the local Dr and what does he charge? will my E1 11 work

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I'm getting married in May 2011. Does anyone know of a reasonable priced place close to Girona to hold a wedding reception? G

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Hello I am coming on holiday to the Costa Brava in June with my two autistic children. When we are out and about I put them in T-shirts that explain their condition because neither of them can talk and often behave weirdly. I have found that the T-shirts help to reassure people because they can quickly read why the children are behaving oddly. We live in France and so their T-shirts read "je suis différent mais pas méchant. Patientez s'il vous plaît, je suis autiste". Can anybody help me with how to translate that into Catalan? Google suggest this: Jo sóc diferent però no dolent. Esperi, si us plau, sóc autista. Does that convey the same meaning? I just want to get across the idea that although the children are odd they won't harm anyone intentionally and are not nasty or horrible they just need people to be a little bit more patient and understanding. It would also be helpful for me to know how to say "She/He is mentally handicapped" in case the word autistic doesn't mean anything to someone. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Imogen

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For Kids. Anyone know somewhere (preferably where I can drop them) that they can do activities such as clay pigeon shooting, go-karting, quad bike riding etc?

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Hi,Next weekend, All Saints, I'm coming down to Llorett for a couple of days, and was wondering whether everything will be closed??!! Can you help? What would you suggest to visitors with children of 9 and 5?? We will have a car, so will be mobile.Thanks for your help!Lynda

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We will be driving down from France to spend a few days in a hotel at Calella.We would also like to visit Barcelona, and i am after some advice Does anyone know if we can get a train into the city from Calella? We would also like to visit the Nou Camp stadium can we get a train there? Also can anyone recommend a good day out for the family, children 13 & 4 Thanks Anita

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Well Girona Airport was full of very irrate people and I dont blame them, yet again once the holidays are all paid for, another company takes the dive, its a coincidence? I dont think so, they never go bust mid winter before the moneys been paid?

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Has anyone heard what has happe ned? Only caught a little on Spanish radio, in Catalan. Sounded like a boy of one and another of three. And that the mother has been arrested. But nothing more.

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I was at a meeting yesterday, and a very interesting and sad topic was being discussed, violence to women. The Mossos have set up a confidential help number 900 900 120 They are targetting this crime and will assist and advise when called, its a priority reaction number, even if the injured party wont prosecute, the Police will (Mossos) They also offer personal protection and incarceration for the offender until the trial, even if it takes years, to protect victims.

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Can anyone recommend a good Spanish Tutor to me? I've been learning with "Spanish with Michelle Thomas", but have great difficulty in communicating. I can ask the questions and do basic chat, but have difficulty in understanding when they speak back to me. It might be nerves, maybe just needing to build my confidence a little and I thought private tuition might help me do this. Paula Anne

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