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I have just come across the Sede Electronica de Catastro. It has the answer to so many questions that pop up in Laymyhat and other forums. And it is incredibly easy to use. It is invaluable if you own property in Spain or if you plan to buy. It gives you the following detail for any property direct from the catastro: The total construction in sq metres and the size of the plot of land. the officially approved use (residential, commercial etc), the construction date, the detail of each floor, any renovations that have been done (approved renovations that is). So why is all this important? Well in my case I have discovered that they have my house down as 490 sq metres while the real size is approx 65sq/m less. It means that in the first instance I am paying too much in the local IBI tax because it is based on the catastral value. Secondly, if you want to sell your property, any potential buyer has access to this information and will either be put off by the discrepancy or use it to knock down your price. To check your property (or indeed your neighbour's) you need the correct address or the complete catastral reference number (you find this on your IBI slip). It really is worth checking your flat or house. Sorry I have dropped the link in my copy and paste haste. But you can google "sede electronica catastro"

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We have our UK passports and an A4 sheet of paper from the Registro de Extranjeros in Madrid with our NIE numbers. We had "carnet de residencia" back in the 80s and 90s but have used the two document system ever since. It is cumbersome but has always worked for all legal transactions. Recently I have been asked for my carnet de residencia and I am wondering if there is now a new card that we ought to have. We are from the UK so obviously we are European citizens which is why we have been on the above system. What about the rest of you? What do you have? Is there now a new type of card?

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can anyone tell me if you are living in spain but have investments in france, at what rate they would be taxed. thanks

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One of my friends has been offered a live-in job here, and has asked me whether it is OK for her to start working before registering to pay tax here.

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Hi everyone We rent a property to a group of housemates, one has left on bad terms with the other residents and ourselves!We want to make sure that they no longer appear on the padron - as the property owner can I just go the ayuntamiento and ask them to remove this person? Thanks for any comments!

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I have just been reading about the gas scams.  There is another one, I got a message on my mobil phone from info_sms saying it was going to be cut off and I would be put on an ASNEF list. I was given a number to call 912124908 to give them my credit card details.  As I had just paid all my phone bills land line and mobil I was understandably concerned.  I looked the number up on the web after I had phoned them and it is a con.

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Depressing topic for a Tuesday i suppose but here we go! Making a will - I have no idea where to start ... is it a notario that I have to go to to arrange it?

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Hi Everyone We have noticed rising electricity costs and in our case it seems to be mainly due to our standing charge. This is particularly important to us as we only use our apartment for a limited number of weeks, normally only using about 1050 KWH anually. My understanding is that you contract for a a certain amount of supply 'Poténcia', in our case 6,9KW. This then determines your standing charge for the supply. It is calculated on the daily rate multiplied by the number of days in the month. You then pay per KWH used on top of the standing charge. I compared my bill and that of a friends in albeit in September 2012. He contracts for 'poténcia for 6.6KW and paid a tiny bit less in standing charge, but the rate for the electricity used was identical. I have read a little on the web and it seems that you need to contract for the amount of electtricity required, it seems if you exceed this you could have problems and possible interuptions of power. My Questions are: What exactly is the 'Poténcia' supply? What do we get for 6.9KW of poténcia? How does this relate to the 1050KWH we used annually? ( this is normally 250KWH in March 650KWH in July and 150KWH in October. What happens if you exceed whatever you get for your contracted 'poténcia'. Could we reduce the 'Poténcia', and to what level. I kind of get the impression that if you then want it increased again you may need further testing & certificates. Hopefully in years to come we can spend more time there, so not want to reduce the 'Poténcia' to the bear mininum. I would be interested what Poténcia levels other people have, I appreciate everyone is different! I would welcome any advice. Thank you in advance. John

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Has anybody had a phonecall inviting them to a "seminar" about the declarations you have to do if you still own property, shares or money in the UK or other country? It's a bit dodgy, I think. All our declarations of 2014 are based on how things stood in 2013. So if they were going to give us real advice it would need to have been towards the end of 2013. It's too late to change things now. So are they really just trying to flog some "wonderful" investment scheme? I leave you to make your own judgement. If anybody is looking for good info on this topic you will find it for free in the local newsletter of the University of the 3rd Age. And of course the absolute best is to go to the Agencia Tributaria (with a Spanish speaking friend if necessary) and they will give you REAL advice. You can book a time in advance (cita previa). There are huge penalties for getting it wrong and these "consultants" are not the ones responsible if penalties are imposed.

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We have been living in rural France for the last 13 years, but we are now considering moving to Spain - probably Costa Bava, but not necessarily. We are in need of info concerning Inheritance Laws in Spain, as neither of us are happy with the French Laws - dating from Napoleonic times - which do not permit us to do as we wish with the money that we have earned in UK and saved for our retirement.  We would therefore appreciate any contact info re: Solicitors etc (English speaking) who could advise us on this specific matter. We would also welcome any advice or info on living in Spain that you are able to give. We do not need to work, and have sufficient income for our needs. 

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I live in Spain and the pensioners here are making an effort to change the chancellor's mind about the Winter Fuel Allowance. I have friends in other European countries who will also be effected by this and I feel that if we all pull together, the government will realise that we pensioners are not apathetic and that we are a force to be reckoned with. The British Government is going to stop winter fuel payments to people who live in warmer climates. In order to get these changes through  they rely on the apathy of us pensioners. They expect us to accept it saying, "well what can I do?" I believe that we can do a great deal but only if we do it together. There is a petition on the Brithish Government website, you can search for the winter fuel allowance petition on,  http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/ if 100,000 people sign it, there is a good chance that it will be discussed again in parliament. Another thing we can do is to bombard the chancellor with questions via public.enquiries@hmtreasury.gov.uk which should make them realise that we will not be ignored. Let us Make a stand on this....... The usually meek and mild F. W.

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I am surprised that there has been no discussion on the new law on HUT (Habitages d'Us Turistic). Has nobody heard about it. If you own or manage or advertise a holiday rental property you need to have a licence. You need to be registered. You need a 24 hour callout service. You need to be registered with the police and advise them of each new arrival. You need to declare the income. You need to have a cedula de habitabilidad. In short you need to act NOW or face fines of between €30,000 and €90,000. Not all properties will get a licence so it is important to get moving. The closing date to be legal is 29th September this year.

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can anyone tell me if there are any inherent problems with buying a repossesed property from a bank, for example would you inherit any or all of the previous owners debt there seem to be a lot of repossesed properties on the market at very good prices but as my dad always used to say if it seems too good to be true it almost always is

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Hi, Does anyone know anything about the new Bank Tax agreed in Catalan government yesterday?

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Hi, I am looking for a good lawyer, I sold a horse 5 months ago with a contract saying they where to pay in 3 installments over 3 months. They paid the first 2 but now say they can not pay the next.  First would like to know where I stand on either getting the remained money or gettimg my horse back.   I am really only looking for a lawyer to send them a registered letter stateing they have to pay me as I think this would make them pay up, if not then I need to take it further as I think they are only doing this because I am English and they are Catalan and think I will just lay down and not get a lawyer.   Any help would be great  Thanks in advance  

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Is it worth signing on at the unemployment office here, even if you are not entitled to any money? Lauren B

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Dont forget to do Euromillions tomorrow if you win you will be able to give the Spanish government 20 million euros in tax.

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Can anyone recommend a good insurance company for private health care in Spain? Thanks Lauren B

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Info on Spains licensing laws req. Can market stalls sell unopened beer to 'take away' and not to be immediately consumed? Do you know what kind of alcohol license would be required? I know where I am in France this is permissible with a 'take away' licence. Do you know what the current alcohol duty level is on beer per litre? This info is required for a possible business start up, very much at the ideas stage Thanks for your time Dave

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Is it a good idea to get money out of spain or not???? lots of people are doing it apparently

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