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hi, I watched a video on you tube Clean A Turbot and a large round bladed knife was used. This was called a Catalan fish knife. I've trawled all sorts of sites with no luck. Any ideas!  

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Everytime I go to the shops I'm amazed by the huge variety of different olive oils available. I now the intenso has a more intense flavour and afrutado has a fruitier flavour, but would appreciate it is other readers could tell me a bit more about the various varieties of oil. Is there a particular brand that is best? Is one variety better than others for salads/toastados? I noticed they have slightly different colours too, some more golden and some more green, is there something particular I should look for there? Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say on the matter!  

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Is it possible to get cooking apples here? I've only seen the golden delicious and similar...

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OK, why is it that spanish brand teabags have such a funny taste? Its almost metallic, nothing like a "british cuppa".

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I want to buy a joint of beef for over the Christmas period but haven't had much luck asking the butcher here in Torroella.  Does anybody know exactly what to ask for? I would appreciate your assistance.  

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Was thinking about what to have for Christmas dinner and thought I'd ask on here whether people still do the traditional Brit dinner or whether they have adopted local customs? Or maybe a mixture of the two? We usually have a roast dinner but was thinking of doing something a little more relaxed this year as it'll just be the two of us.

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Starting tomorrow as one of the fast days. Will be just drinking lots of water. Seems to be a positive way forward to lose weight. It worked for the politicians, loosing on average 7 kgs. per 7 weeks. This might be the one that could work for you candygirl. Would anyone like to know how it works out ?

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Was dining with a friend today and she pulled a face when I ordered prawns with chocolate and chilli - I thought that was quite a well-known dish by now, she referred to it as a "contemporary" food pairing... Anyway, it got me thinking - some chefs are getting really creative with their flavour combinations these days but I'm not sure whether it is always a good thing. I remember a few years back trying a dessert which was a lavender cookie with tobacco infused ice-cream and yes, it was as strange as it sounded (I'd say, chef trying to hard to be trendy) yet the chocolate chilli thing with seafood sounds odd and works really well. What does everyone else think? 

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I was given some fruit and didn't catch the name of it, they are about the size of olives and a green colour with some light brown patches. Inside is a single stone and the flesh is quite crisp with a subtle apple like flavour. Does anyone know what this fruit is?

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Does anybody know where to buy Quinoa,it's an alternative to rice and couscous and is classed as a health food?

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think thats how you spell it.I am looking for this spicey paste for a recipe i want to try. Where might i get some in the Begur area

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I noticed that mussels are really cheap now, but my Spanish friend said not to buy them because they are not in season because there is no "r in the month" so the quality won't be any good. Is this correct? I always thought that rule was applied to oysters, but never heard it about mussels?

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anyone got any ideas for some nice warming drinks instead of tea and coffee?

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I am looking for good advice on how to make a great curry. Firstly, what is the best and most successful rice to use ? After that what is the most delightful stuff to toss in with the rice to make the day ? What about the sauce ? How is it all prepared and put together ?

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Does anyone know if any of the supermarkets sell ice-creams with a non-dairy recipe (such as soya)?Thanks in advance for any info!

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Wasn't paying attention when I did the grocery shop so I had a nice surprise when I tried to break an egg into the frying pan this morning - it was already cooked! I find it totally bizarre that they sell ready cooked eggs - well... lesson learnt... read the labels properly next time!

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Hi, Could anyone tell me were to buy English Sauages, I am in Estartit Thanks a lot Amber1

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We want to buy a whole jamon, as it works out more economical than the small packs of pre-sliced stuff.  Does anyone have any tips where to get one. is there any specific thing to look for as I always see Spanish people looking at jamons and picking out "the best" but how do they know which is the best?

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I am looking for someone interested in catering for breakfast and evening meals for family groups of around 18 in a holiday villa in Calonge.  Any tips?  I have a couple of offers but from people in Figures and the prices are not good and distance does not make the job interesting for them.

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Hi we just moved over after buying outside Bascara., work being done on kitchen so we are looking for good Indian Takeaway near us. Tnks.

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