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Hi there - my husband and I are looking to move to the Costa Brava later this year. I know it's pretty subjective but can anyone recommend the best place to live? We're reasonably active people and would like to be closer to the coast rather than inland. We'd also need to be near good transport into Gerona and Barcelona. I've never been there so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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I live near Hostalric its just South of Gerona Airport, the main trainline north and South runs through it and the next town is Macanet, its station gives you the choice of express North or South (Barca or Gerona etc) or coastline to Barcelona passing throuh all the coast towns from Blanes to Barcelona, all along the beach, very scenic.

You are also 15 mins from coast by car and you can choose from here the motorway or NII main non toll road or the N32 to Barcelona via the coast. lLots to choose from, any help I can be please ask. Is it a permanent move?

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Hi Name of the Rose,

Thank you so much for your reply!

Your town sounds lovely and in a really good location. I was hoping to be closer to the beach but I also realise the closer you are to the beach the more expensive it will be. I'm also not sure where I need to be for work. I am a lawyer but won't be able to practice over there as I don't speak Spanish (yet). I'm thinking of qualifying as an English as a Foreign Language teacher - a course I will do before we move to Spain.

I don't know how long we will be over there for but at this stage we're thinking at least a year. We're actually from Australia so it's a long way to go and I really don't know much about Spain but my husband needs to be over there for his business.

Thanks again


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Hello Linds,

You are already going in the right direction by choosing the Costa Brava to move to. Everywhere in it is equally attractive. To find so much beauty and friendship in the one area is indeed wonderful.

If yourself and your husband are in business there are a few practical things you will have to consider. Like getting reliable, business speed internet and access to other facilities. We also love the beach but would never consider living in a beach town. Too busy in the Summer and a nightmare quite for eight months.

Figueres is only 25km from Girona airport, 16 km from France and 8 / 12 km from 30 km of golden beaches stretching from Roses to L'Escala (15 /20 min. in the car). It also has a main railway station, trains leaving every 20 min. to Girona and Barcelona. It will have a stop for the new fast train to Madrid / Paris etc.. It has the Salvador Dali museum, a theatre, cinema, football stadium, over 80 restaurants and café's. The value eating / drinking out is incredible. There are sport and leisure centers, parks and picnic areas. It is rated a small city with a population of 38,000 but feels more like a big town. The local language is Catalan (Catalan is the spoken language everywhere in the Costa Brava). Figueres has a great infrastructure and a thriving commercial business sector. There is also great shopping with some international outlets. In the heart of the town there is the most beautiful Rambla. Renting long term here is normal with many choices of apartment available at good value. There is a great life to be had here with no madness as in some of the coastal places.

If we can be of any help before you make your final decision please keep in touch. Best of luck with whatever and where ever you decide on.


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Thats very interesting, I studied law for 4 years, I also worked as a translator/administrator for a legal and Gestoria firm. If I can be of help please ask, there is an abundance of people teaching English here stick to Law.

What kind of business is your husband in.

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Thanks Brenden - Figueres sounds fantastic! I've been looking at maps but it's hard to get a sense of distances so your information on how far it is to the airport/coast/France is really helpful. I also appreciate what you say about living in a beach town. I just need to stop thinking about places where I'd go for a short holiday and start thinking about places where I'd actually like to live.

I've had a look at some rental websites but I'm not sure whether they're proper long term rentals or just extended holiday rentals. We're also thinking of bringing our dog over, which is an added complication. At this stage the move is at least 6 months away but I just want to know what I might be in for.

I will definitely keep in touch. It's really lovely to have had such quick replies!

Linds_26_11 1275022007

Hello again,

That's helpful re the job situation - perhaps I won't do a TEFL course after all. My concern is that I don't speak Spanish (Catalan) so I'm not sure what type of work I can get but my preference would definitely be an office. If I could work in law that would be an added bonus as I think it would be really interesting to learn about the Spanish legal system, which is so different to ours (I currently work in criminal law).

My husband, Anthony, has a manufacturing/design business. His partner is a designer based in the States and so he's got that area covered. They're looking at moving into Europe, which is hard to organise from far away Australia. Anthony has lived on the Costa Brava briefly (many years ago) and really loved it, which is why we're looking at moving there. As I was saying to Brenden it's still at least 6 months away but I'm getting pretty excited.

I really appreciate your help :)

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Why dont you Contact Anna Abad, her number and details are in the directory on this site under Abad Associates in the Legal section, She is a Catalan Lawyer and speaks fluent english, maybe she needs a partner or whatever they are called in thelegal world, worth a try..................?

Linds_26_11 1275035597

Great - I'll give it a go! Thanks for that :)

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Hi Linds,

Im currently living in The Netherlands and looking to move to Costa Brava along with my boyfriend (Graphic designer) and English Bull Terrier (dog) in a couple of months. Upon doing some research, I came across your conversation from 6 years ago and realized we are going through a very similar expirience to yours.
We too are looking for a coastal beach area with easy access to amenities, inexpensive living and job oppurtunities. My boyfriend being a graphic designer can work from home but I would have to find work in whatever location we end up choosing. I do speak fluent Spanish and English so Im hoping Ill have an easier time finding a job, Im not looking for anything in any particular field though most likely something in tourism. Anyway, I guess I was just wondering how your expirience was and if you have any tips for us, they would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,
Margarida G.

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