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Can anyone help, we are looking for an English speaking doctor in or near to Palamos that takes the CAP card?

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Hi ,I will be staying in Estarti for a couple of weeks. And wondered if could join anyone. For a bike ride each daythankyou Steve

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Is the tap water here safe, some people told us it was, can anyone confirm or clear this for us?

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I've been invited to a black tie gala before Christmas, and its a work thing so myself and my companion need to look pretty sharp for the night. Where is the best place to look for that style of clothing? Is hire a possibility here, as that might work out cheaper than getting whole outfits that are difficult to wear again?

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We have recently moved into the Baix Emporda/Alt Emporda region, and we are looking for a doctor who speaks English.  Can anybody help? Versa-2

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some friends are having a hen party holiday in roses and are looking for a mobile spray tan technician.

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Bit of a funny question I guess, but I have noticed that whenever I take a siesta I feel really awful afterwards - weak and "spaced out" - and I often have to have something sugary to eat or drink to get back to my normal self. Am I the only one that feels like this after an afternoon nap??Oh and  I haven't got any health conditions that would account for feeling like this.

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A close family friend is talking of moving here and have asked me about health care for a mental health problem they have. They do not need constant care or medication but do need an understanding and caring doctor from time to time. If you have had experience of this could you tell me of any Doctors you would recommend

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Has anyone tried the supplement 5htp? Did you find it beneficial? And where can I buy it, I asked in a farmacia and they were happy to order if but for 60€, which is a bit too much for me...

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Hi I am new to the area and going to Girona this week and would like to know if anyone has any idea of a good hairdressers who know how to give a really good cut?   Thanks Amber1    

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Does anyone know of a stockist  for Avene skin care products(maybe online that delivers in spain would be best)

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Hi everyone looking for some advice/experiences from fellow forum users. I get sciatica and it is always worse at this time of year. A friend suggested I try a Tens machine - before I shell out for one, can anyone tell me whether they found using a tens effective for sciatica?

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Hi, I am new and living in Sant Feliu and was wondering if anyone could recommend a Doctor Public or Private that speaks English in the surrounding areas. Im willing to travel to Girona if someone has any good recommendations. Apologies if this has been dealth with before but am under pressure to get Perscription medication

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Has anyone heard of bio-oil for healing scar tissue? Where can I buy it here?

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I may have my mother (84) coming to stay for an extended period this autumn/next spring. Travel insurance at this age can be problematic. Any good ideas how and who ? Also is there any way to lock into health care services here apart from the European health card which does not cover all eventualitys. Any advice comments would be appreciated. Thanks

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anyone know of somewhere that does a really good spray tan

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I keep reading advice that we should be applying sunscreen every day, but when I went to the farmacia to buy some, I found that the choice was quite limited and the one I ended up buying leaves a white layer on my skin, then greasy marks on clothing. So, what I'd like to ask is what sunscreen do you recommend?

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We are travelling to Puerto Rico later this year and understand that some vaccinations are recommended. Does anyone know how we got about arranging these through the doctors here? We are registered in the local system but also have a private health policy.

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