5htp - experiences, where to buy?

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Has anyone tried the supplement 5htp? Did you find it beneficial? And where can I buy it, I asked in a farmacia and they were happy to order if but for 60€, which is a bit too much for me...


james2-944807 1401291137

You can buy those online. Holland & Barrett £14.19 for 120 tablets 50 mg. Ultra Health & Beauty 180 tablets £12.99 100 mg.

These tablets are relatively new and there is no in dept reports. However there is no negative reports either. It might matter what you would be taking the tablets for, if it is diet or the other thing. There is a lot of info if you google 5htp.     Best of luck.


inspainatlast 1401293521

Hi James

I didn't realise I could order from Holland and Barrat to be delivered here, so thanks for that. Its for anxiety/sleep problems rather than dieting (I believe the only proper way to lose weight is through exercise and healthy eating!).

tomillo-860355 1401474999

I took it while going through a stage of insomnia, the insomnia got better but I am not sure whether 5htp can take all the credit as I made a few other lifestyle changes at the same time in an attempt to sort the problem out!!!

inspainatlast 1401701154

Thanks for your message tomillo, I'll send you a PM as I have a couple of questions for you!

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