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Does anyone know of a stockist  for Avene skin care products(maybe online that delivers in spain would be best)


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Hi Candygirl,

Happy New Year. Try Boots online.

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Thanks to both of you, I didn't know that Boots would ship to spain!

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Just to let you all know I ordered from mifarma and got my order on Friday. Very good service.

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Hi there candygirl,

I am curious to know how you feel after the using the Avene skin product. I was reading a report in a pharmaceutical site that this product for sensitive skin is more chemical than natural. Now, not to get excited, it will not do your skin any harm. In fact, the report says that the mix in the skin product is so light that it will have NO effect at all on skin, especially sensitive skin. The report goes on to say that the product is no better than using nothing.

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I guess I feel about the same as I do when I apply any face cream, haha!  I decided to get avene this time as I'd tried it before and like the texture, interesting to hear that most of the ingredients are chemicals as they do promote themselves as a "natural" brand.

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All I'm saying is that it is you skin. This product has no content only a bit of chemical mix to give it the texture. Go on line yourself and check it out. Save your money.

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