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Has anyone heard of bio-oil for healing scar tissue? Where can I buy it here?


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Hi there, from experience Bio oil has not been that effective. The oil recommended over here for healing scar tissue is aceite de rosa mosqueta (Rose hip oil). It is expensive, but with continuous use the results are really good! Hope this helps.

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I have a very big scar on my arm - it is few years old but I'd had some problems during healing and the scar tissue itself was still quite red and the skin used to get a bit dry sometimes. I used bio-oil for a couple of months and the scar looks much better(much lighter in colour) , obviously the oil doesn't work miracles but it did help me. 

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I have scars but they're years old and it's probably too late to do much about them, however, I've recently lost weight and I've been using bio oil on my not so flat stomach and it's certainly improved its appearence. I also get very dry skin in the summer so I've been putting it every where else too, including my face and that too has improved (my skin not my face)! I buy it from Amazon as even including the postage it's much cheaper than it is here.

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Interesting to read your different opinions - anyone else want to add their thoughts?

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I use it because my skin is very delicate and am a real fan - such a good quality product,

I order mine from this company, they are spain based and deliver in 24hrs. :

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Thanks for that link candygirl, looks like a reasonable price

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Well I got some, so we will see how it goes....

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Just to report back, I've been using it a few weeks now and am quite impressed. my skin seems smoother and less delicate.

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I have recently seen Bio Oil for sale in some famarcias here. One had a big advertising poster about it, so perhaps you will be able to get it locally next time?

Good luck.



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Thanks sally, I shall take a look in our local farmacia and see if they have it in stock.

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