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I've been invited to a black tie gala before Christmas, and its a work thing so myself and my companion need to look pretty sharp for the night. Where is the best place to look for that style of clothing? Is hire a possibility here, as that might work out cheaper than getting whole outfits that are difficult to wear again?


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Hi Candygirl, this is unbelieveable. We also have been invited to a blacktie gala night before Christmas. There are not that many of these events around so I am sure we must be going to the same gala. We have been at this event for the last five years and so we have our own gear. We are the guests of the HR director as he is a neighbour and our families are very close friends.  How long have you been with the company and what are you into there ? We consult with them in their marketing on the graphic design and printing. On the clothing side you could wear any black  suitable piece you have and your companion could wear one of his black suits with bow tie. I believe there is a rental place in Girona and Perpignane. The meal on the night is sumptious  and the Cava and brandy just flows. Make sure you have a cab booked in advance to take you home.

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I thought this was going to be a big coincidence, but its not the Christmas eve the one we are going to, its a few days before. Thanks for the tips on the rental, we'll look into that.

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