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Hi, I am new and living in Sant Feliu and was wondering if anyone could recommend a Doctor Public or Private that speaks English in the surrounding areas. Im willing to travel to Girona if someone has any good recommendations. Apologies if this has been dealth with before but am under pressure to get Perscription medication


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I have a brilliant English speaking doctor here in Begur. He is head of the Cap in Palafrugell  but does private consultations from his home in Begur .  He has diagnosed a problem I've had all my life , something no one in the UK could do. Email me if you want more info.

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Dr Jané at the CAP (medical centre) in St Feliu speaks English and is very caring. Try to get onto his list.


Good luck

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Thanks a million I appreciate your help

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I have been around here many years and taught English to lots of Doctors. They are a bit harrassed but in general are all very approachable and most can speak some English. In an emergency situation, never be afraid to head for Emergencies at Palamos Hospital even in the middle of the night. It is a treat compared to some of the rather shabby and dirty NHS hospitals that I have encountered in the UK.

"Spainsally" mentions CAP. Most towns have a CAP centre and they have an emergency doctor. Sometimes the people on reception can be a bit frosty but somebody in the queue will butt in and help. I don't think you need go further than St Feliu but if you do Palamos is nearer than Girona.

If you need replacement medication always take along the packet you are using. They have everything in the computer and will match it to a Spanish equivalent. You will find the same level of helpfulness in the Pharmacies and they will tell you the Spanish Equivalent but will normally ask for a prescription, which incidentally is "receta" the same word as for a cooking recipe.

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