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Our pooch has sensitive skin and we heard that there are some brands of dog food which are nutritionally designed to help with skin conditions. Can anyone recommend a brand that they have tried for their dogs?


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Royal Canin do foods for sensitve skin, they also do breed specific foods. Quite a good brand I think, I was reading about their history/ how they develop products and they seem to be very science/health focused.

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Thanks, I don't think I have seen that brand in the supermarket, do you know of a supplier?

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try a vet or a garden centre

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Royal Canin make a super range of dried cat and dog foods including a range for coping with allergies.   I have been feeding my dogs Royal Canin for the last thirty years.   The full range is stocked By CANIS in Girona.   Superb Animal clinic and pet shop.   Easy parking.   John W.

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There is an online pet store that sells Royal Canin here :

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I have some friends who feed their dog cod liver oil as he used to have very dry skin.

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