dry skin

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My skin has gone very dry recently - any suggestions of products or recommendations of treatments please?


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I had a sample of Le Petit Marselleis body lotion earlier this year, its worth trying as it does leave your skin feeling softer.

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argan oil is brilliant! you can use it on your hair too, and i use it as a cleanser 

tomillo-860355 1353484486

I was looking at the Petit Marselleis stuff and apparently it has argan oil in it! so i think i will get that... does anyone know which supermarkets stock it?

richfish65 1353574845

have you tried aloe vera.its a natural product

tomillo-860355 1353744796

I used aloe vera fresh from the plant for burns and so on, but never really found aloe vera body lotion/product which i liked, they all seem a bit over perfumed. 

candygirl-860353 1353919860

I have seen LPM products in Dia and Alcampo.

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you can try nivea   the blue  one   after  every shower u use it  all over  .

the result is amazing   take care  good luck

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