feel awful after siesta...

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Bit of a funny question I guess, but I have noticed that whenever I take a siesta I feel really awful afterwards - weak and "spaced out" - and I often have to have something sugary to eat or drink to get back to my normal self. Am I the only one that feels like this after an afternoon nap??Oh and  I haven't got any health conditions that would account for feeling like this.


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How long do you sleep for? I have found that if I take a siesta for more than 30/45 minutes, it does make me feel rather lethargic afterwards.

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Usually when you get up after a daytime liedown there is a bit of difficulty in getting everything pumping again. I find that when you have an agenda of stuff to do it soon gets you thinking more possitivly. The body then followes the mind and you are back in business. On the other hand if you are just talking about say rafting or geocoaching or where to find things to make hats out of and not actually doing anything then the mind is very much less active. The body reacts to the mind and you could feel awful. Might I suggest that at least you two go out walking together. You might be amazed at how  a little excersise can make you feel better. Let me know how you get on.

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I suggest jumping into a nice cool shower (or the pool, if you have one!) after your siesta, you'll soon feel back to normal again.

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Nice one tomillo. If the pair jumped into the pool would you feel the chill ?

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Could be that you are getting a bit dehydrated, try drinking a glass of water before you settle down and see if that makes a difference?

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