hair dye

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can anyone recommend a good brand of hairdye to apply at home?


peregrine-860349 1359446433

There is a new one called Olia by Garnier that I haven't tried mself but heard positive reports of, I think its about 8 euros a pack.

bullterrier-860348 1359496986

Is it permanent or semi (tone on tone) that you are planning to use?

candygirl-860353 1359532311

I'd prefer a semi permenant colour, as then I won't have to mess around doing my roots, but looking for a brand with intense shades...some of the semis i have tried have been a bit wishy washy

bullterrier-860348 1360102242

For really intense results you will be best with a permenant

candygirl-860353 1360853719

Just to round this off, I tried the Olia one. Very nice colour and shiny finish, will hve to see how it resists fading though

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