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I may have my mother (84) coming to stay for an extended period this autumn/next spring. Travel insurance at this age can be problematic. Any good ideas how and who ? Also is there any way to lock into health care services here apart from the European health card which does not cover all eventualitys. Any advice comments would be appreciated. Thanks


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I understand that SAGA specialise in insurance for over 50s - perhaps a starting point for you.

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Following from Peter's comment on health care for those of us living in the Costa Brava. We believe that health care is free for seniors here and that medical insurance is not necessary. We have not signed up for it yet. Could someone that has signed up comment on how it works and if you have to disconnect from the system in the UK to be registered in Spain.

When your mom is over Peter we hope she has a great time. Bring her out and about, into the villages and around the farmland. 

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